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Alliances Preview: Battlefield and Dividers

Organize your entire collection.

When we first announced that the Summoner Wars Alliances pre-order was now open, I included a photo I thought was for public consumption, with Colby having the neoprene battlefield draped over him along with a box and some dividers.

Not that Colby minds an embarassing photo or two of him on the internet (you can't catch them all!) but there are also some inaccuracies to that photo. The box is a "materials proof," in other words it's the shape and size of the final box but doesn't have the printing on it. The dividers are the similarly incomplete in that photo. Dave, PHG's graphic design superhero, was kind enough to send me some images of what the final dividers will look like.

There'll be one for each summoner in existence as well as one for each faction's reinforcement units. Take a look:

Pretty nifty! So, we'll have these for the 16 original summoners, the 8 Alliance summoners, the 16 reinforcement packs, and all 16 second summoners. That's right, the Alliance release itself will be a little preview of your second summoner names, at least. Here's Shiva's divider:

I'm just as excited about this box and storage solution as I am the new decks!

As some have speculated and/or observed, the neoprene (like a thin mousepad) game mat will have a map of Itharia on it, drawn straight from Summoner Wars lore. Go pre-order the set today, then come back here and drool over this:

Click here to pre-order the Summoner Wars: Alliances Master Set.

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