After previewing the Swamp Orc and Mercenary units that make up the Swamp Mercenaries, we fill finish off by looking at their Event cards, with deisgner's notes in italics. 

Spore Carriers, a Swamp Mercenary Event

Many of you have noticed the dearth of minion abilities to place Vine Walls on the battlefield.  Glurblub is not as prolific in that regard as Mugglug, but this Event helps make up for it.  There are four copies in the deck, each of which lets you destroy up to 2 Units you control and replace them with Vine Walls. 

The other way you typically get Vine Walls into play.  Spore Carriers was the only Event not in my original repertoire; instead, Prong's old ability was in this spot and known as Vinemancer Shelter, where Vine Walls would get the ability to block Wounds for Units adjacent to them.  Spore Carriers carry with it a bit of the flavor of the Plague the Vermin carry with them, except modified a bit to be fertilizer for Vines.  And people said the Swamp Orcs didn't care about nature :P

Vine Bind, a Swamp Mercenary Event

Glurblub also has some nice uses for the Vine Walls in combat.  Vine Bind's ability to stop adjacent enemy units has obvious uses for defense or setting up an offense.

Word for word how I designed it, Vine Bind is an interesting tool for Swamp Summoners without many Vine Walls, as the act of protecting these Walls also prevents their usage for this Event.  If you've pushed too far, a Vine Wall here or there will allow you to retreat somewhat.

Vine Lash, a Swamp Mercenary Event

Vine Lash is obviously offensive, giving 1 Wound Marker to every enemy unit adjacent to a Vine Wall.  These Events will make the enemy a bit paranoid about approaching Vine Walls -- or even SM units, given the possibilities of combining these with Spore Carriers.

A slight tweak from when I made it.  It doesn't deal one damage per Vine Wall adjacent, but just one damage if you're adjacent to 1 or more Vine Walls.  Still fine, and another push and pull mechanic for your Vine Walls.

Swamp Dominion

Finally, the coup de grace: for that special moment, Swamp Dominion lets Glurblub draw strength from the Vine Walls, adding 1 to his Attack Value for each one he controls, up to a maximum of +5.

Swamp Domination - Vine Pulse.  In all its glory.  I took the power of Magic Pulse, and instead of limiting it to the number of cards put into your Magic Pile, I gave it as a straight up bonus for having Vine Walls on the field.  Of course, it was always a 1x.  The limit of +5 was something I was sad to see; as I wanted the Event to mimic Magic Pulse quite heavily, but it was necessary for balance's sake.  (Oh well, 7 dice is still a lot.)

Thursday will have the last of the previews for SW: Alliances.  It has been a fun journey.  

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blackholexan commented:

First! WOW

Posted on 2014-10-27.

RMZ1989 commented:

Very solid events I must say, looking forward to some Glurblub decks and how they play out. :)

Posted on 2014-10-27.

Syurtpiutha commented:


I love the feel of these events. Very vine-wally while also similar to Ralluls chain-events. Nifty!

Posted on 2014-10-27.

ZeeJr commented:

Awesome. Spore carriers will ensure that Glub uses plenty of rats. It will be fun to try to protect those rats from opponent attacks, while also keeping them in a decent spot for a wall. Four copies of that event is perfect.

Swamp Dominion it's super-awesome in late game. But if you draw it early, it will still be helpful for establishing a new wall, since Glub's attack can place one.

Posted on 2014-10-27.

Divljan commented:

One interesting thing is that the Swamp Orcs and Swamp Mercs in some cases benefit from each other's vine walls. Mugglug's Ensnare is an insane offensive weapon against Glurblub, turning the latter's vines against him as teleportation points for Savagers and other scary commons. Glurblub has to be extra careful about taking too much shelter in the vines when fighting Mugglug.

Similarly, vine bind can trip up Mugglug, as it triggers on any vine wall. Mugglug can completely miss a turn's movement at a critical moment if he is not careful.

Posted on 2014-10-27.

sitnam90 commented:

I agree, awesome events here. The swamp rat/spore carrier combo is obvious since its free. Can also finish off a wounded champ or heavy common simply to deny magic. The theme here seems to lean more towards actual VW usage rather then just booating units.

Posted on 2014-10-27.

BuckWilde commented:

I love the simplicity of these events. Not much to read, but still can do a lot of different things. Definitely one my top three favorite decks in this set.

Posted on 2014-10-27.

sitnam90 commented:

Whats your other two Buck? As I said in the forum thread, I cant decided what I'm excited most about. I have to go through weekly and reread everything just too remember what we saw!

Posted on 2014-10-27.

BuckWilde commented:

My other two are Jungle Shadows and Vargath Vanguard. Those are the decks I have the most experience with as well, so I could definitely see my favorites change with more play. There is a lot to like in this new set.

Posted on 2014-10-27.

sitnam90 commented:

Ah I see. Yeah I've learned too never get too attached to anyone during previews, because my first impression has been wrong several times. I thought I'd hate Tacullu; I actually love him. I thought I'd like Rallull over Dema; its actually the opposite. I thought Torgan was kinda lame...until I played him

Posted on 2014-10-27.

Hilgendwarf commented:

I really enjoyed my time with these guys during playtesting. Definitely a very cool faction. Great job TNS and Colby!

Posted on 2014-10-27.

Slow Focus commented:

Holy crap, fantastic events. I love this deck, it'll be my first out of the box! Interesting that Spore Carriers feels a lot like the Apprentice Mage Mugglug but with way more flexibility and superior units to use it with! Plus you don't have to waste your attacks on it.

My only complaint: it's going to be so hard to build any of these as magic! Haha!

So there are 4x Spore Carriers, which is great, and of course 1x Swamp Dominion -- I'd be really interested to hear how many copies there are of the other events!

Posted on 2014-10-27.

killercactus commented:

There each just 2x.

Interesting note about Dominion - the cap came about mainly to combat a boring strategy that surfaced with Glurblub using Spore Carriers and his various other methods to build up Vine Walls on his side only where they could be protected all game, setting up a summoner one-shot in endgame with like 12 dice. Very effective, but was actually pretty boring.

Posted on 2014-10-27.

thenightsshadow commented:

Swamp Dominion in its original form wasn't capped, and for one good reason; without Spore Carriers Glurblub was forced to use his Rallul-ish ability to go get new Vine Walls, and because of that, he had to be in close proximity to his Walls and in the fray.

With the addition of Spore Carriers to the base deck, it was only a matter of time before there was a cap, though +5 is still fine because that's the typical hand size. I just wish it could have been stronger instead of a sideways buff/nerf from Magic Pulse, but hey, that's what Playtesting is for.

I hope you enjoy. I know I will.

Posted on 2014-10-27.

Justantula commented:

I can't wait to use Spore Carriers on Glurblub to deny my opponent the final blow to him. Really great event, having 4 of them so I can do it at basically any time!

Posted on 2014-10-27.

Slow Focus commented:

Cool, thanks KC! By the way, thanks for assuring me earlier that Glurblub has no trouble generating vinewalls -- of course you were right :)

Since the previews are done, I just want to say thanks to all the playtesters and designers for all their hard work and all these exciting and fascinating decks!

Posted on 2014-10-28.

Beagle Snuggler commented:

Only 16 comments? No love for the Swamp Orcs? Tsk tsk..

Posted on 2014-10-28.

fainez commented:

vine lash seems like it would really wreck the factions with lots of 1 life commons. I can see tons of cave goblins all dying in one turn.

Posted on 2014-10-28.

Nburghardt commented:

I'm guessing the comments are lower because the events are pretty straightforward. To be honest, I had expected a lot more design simplicity throughout all the Alliance factions and was pleasantly surprised by the creativity of many of them. What I like about the SM events is that the feel very versatile, less niche. I think that is nice for SM since they have a ton of deck building options.

Posted on 2014-10-29.

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