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Tundra Guild: Hogar's Heroes

The final Tundra Guild preview for Summoner Wars Alliances

After 12 joyous weeks and 24 articles, the Summoner Wars Alliances card previews have come to an end.

It's not all bad: The pre-order is now up in the store, and you can get a $20 discount, a signed box, and all four Summoner Wars promos when you pre-order from

Also: Next week we'll post some photos of the game mat and the card dividers. Get (stay) excited!

And now, we bring you the final Tundra Guild preview, Hogar's last stand.

Hogar's Runes modify the units they go under. But it's not all for the good of those units. Hogar sometimes likes to attach Rune events to his enemies as well.

Rune of Shackling

From all over the board, Hogar is able to manipulate the battlefield in his favor with these Runes. The following card can be especially disruptive:

Rune of Nullification

With all these Runes, we've got one more unit that synergizes wonderfully with them. Zuggdin reveals the top of the draw pile much like Vognar, looking for the right card to power his ability:


When you've got this guy and Vognar in your deck, Scribes end up helping a lot.

There is one more Rune card. Well, it's not exactly a Rune like the other Runes. It's more of a key that unlocks a treasure chest full of them.

Master Rune

The Master Rune means that potentially you could use one of the 1x Runes (all but Shielding) twice during the game (or Shielding 3x). It makes it tough for an opponent to know what is coming at any moment.

Alright, two last cards. The first one you might call the Frozen Pause Button.


Finally, we have Raldag, who is fierce and… supportive?


Raldag is good. Like, for real. It's tempting to compare the guy to Mook, but when this kind of ability meshes with the Guild Dwarves and especially the Tundra Orcs, good units become terrifying.

Thanks for following the previews these last few months. This is a huge release! Eight faction decks, storage, crazy deck building possibilities, awesome art, and gameplay that has been tested to death for maximum balance and fun. And all at a 33% discount when you pre-order at

Summoner Wars Alliances is, simply, the best two-player board gaming experience that the industry has to offer.

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