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Tundra Guild: The Ice Man Cometh

Hogar's second Summoner Wars Alliances Preview

This Tundra Guild preview is pretty intense, so take a few deep brreaths, close your eyes, and center yourself.

If you review last week's preview of Hogar, you'll be reminded that his walls take 4s or higher to hit, and that most of his events are Runes that go under Units to have an affect. That was just the tip of the iceburg. Behold, Ice Golems:

Ice Golem

Ok, there's a lot going on here. The BUILT ability was used in Bolvi's Guild Dwarf deck, but it is irrelevant what that ability actually says, because the Ice Golem doesn't actually have the BUILT ability. It is just affected by other cards that affect BUILT cards. Keep reading this preview to the end to see why that matters in this base deck.

Meanwhile, this Ice Golem is an Ice Wall when it has an Event card under it. The obvious play here is the Rune Event cards. (There is a rules card to explain Ice Walls, but essentially they are just walls.) When the Ice Golem has a Rune Event on it, it can only be hit by rolls of 4 or higher (thanks to Hogar), and you can summon directly from them--they're moving summoning points!

If you don't like to deckbuild, that's all you need to know. If you do deckbuild, you're already thinking about the possibilities with the Tundra Orc and Guild Dwarf second summoners: With Torgan, if you have an Ice Armor event under the Ice Golem, you can synergize with some of Torgan's ice-oriented units, and even move Ice Golems over units with Glacial Shift. From Bolvi's deck, Ice Golems, since they are affected by cards that mention the BUILT special ability, can be influenced by most of Bolvi's events, can be healed by Architects, and they become moving Walls when they have an upgrade card under them.


But the Ice Golem's home is here in Hogar's deck, where it has seven whole Event cards to place under it and where its defense is strongest. Not only is it protected by Hogar's ability, it also gets access to this particular Rune:

Rune of Shielding

That's a familiar ability to both the Tundra Orcs and the Guild Dwarves! (And there are 2x copies of this one.) And the Ice Golems ALSO survive longer due to one of Hogar's non-Rune events:


That's just cool. These Ice Golems can sometimse last until Hell freezes over.

Alright, the fun's not over. Who's up for FREE Ice Golems?


This guy is a beast with 8 life, and has a chance to get a free Ice Golem every turn, without giving up his attack.

And if you don't think Vognar is quite strong enough, just pair him with Scribes and send your opponent back to the ice age:


Wow, there's a lot to soak in with this deck. Get excited for the preview wrap-up next week! I'm getting a cold chill just thinking about it.

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