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Tundra Guild: Runemetal

Part 1 of Hogar's Summoner Wars Alliances Preview

One last Alliance faction. The Tundra Guild.

The Tundra Guild

Woah. That is a frickin cool card back. Let's see some cards.


Hogar's ability appears ordinary at first. You'll have to wait until next week to see some of the fun synergy that comes with this guy. Nonetheless: Behold the beard.

Hogar's event set works somewhat like Marek's Event Abilities. Hogar has 7 event cards that are Rune Events. Like Event Abilities, Rune Events are placed under a unit for some kind of effect, and Rune Events specify on the card that they are discarded when the unit is destroyed. However, Hogar's Rune Events can be put under any unit, friend or foe. Here's the full rules:

Rune Event Rules

The extra twist with Rune events is that a unit can have more than one, but a player can get rid of ALL the rune events under a unit during their turn, for a cost. Let's look at a couple examples:

Rune of Heroism

Well heck, that's useful. With only one copy of this card in the deck, it's more of a one-time-use than Oldin's Heroic Feat. But it lasts from turn-to-turn unless your opponent pays magic. Lots of tough choices to make for your opponent.

Rune of Power

This increases the attack intensity of your unit once again, but in a much more Rukar-ish way. Let me repeat that you can combine Rune Events, so a unit could have this AND heroism. Of course, your opponent is much more likely to spend two magic at that point to discard them, so it gives you some tough choices to make as well.

I'll be straight up: My two favorite decks in this set are the Fallen Phoenix and the Tundra Guild. The Tundra Guild has some REALLY cool synergistic design, which includes Hogar himself. We'll get to a ton of those details next week, but just for a preview, here's one of his commons, who benefit in a special way from Rune Events:


When the Tundra Orcs and the Guild Dwarves combine, be afraid. Only two more weeks left of previews! I can't wait until this set arrives officially.

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