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Vargath Vanguard: Lightning Strikes Twice

The final Vargath Vanguard Preview

Welcome to the final preview for the Vargath Vanguard! You've seen the commons and the Summoner, now see the final event and the last two champions. Thanks to Frank for providing his comments for these previews the last three weeks. Frank, the designer of the Vargath Vanguards and Summoner Wars' lead playtester, has comments in italics below.

Lightning Strike

Frank: In my head, I saw this holy dude with a sword thrust into the air, have it struck by lightning, then point it at something and just smite whatever it was with a bolt from his sword.  The art turned that into a holy woman thrusting a spear, but the effect is the same :).  I know everyone's take on Greater Burn, but I think the summoner proximity requirement along with the ability to blow up a wall (something the Vargath have done well, especially Growden) make it unique and fun.

There is only one copy of this event in the deck, and this is certainly pure Vargath, thematically. And there is more where that came from, as Korbolen represents the ability to deal three wounds with devestating regularity.


Frank: Went through a lot of iterations on this guy, but in the end I settled on something of a Storm Mage champion that I really liked.  I knew I wanted a Vargath unit in here that used lightning, and I like the flexibility of hanging back and sniping, maybe being healed by Sera in the process, or running in to Electrocute a champ or summoner.

I like to imagine the guy has a novelty hand buzzer. :P Finally, we come to our final champ, who is one of the coolest champions among two factions who have a ton of cool champions. Meet Qayla.


Frank: This is the only card that never changed from what I originally designed at all, but she's a true Vargath general.  She really gets across the point of commanding the troops and setting up solid formations, and when she's on the table that's much easier to do.  She's an immediate threat when she hits the board, and gives both factions some movement manipulation that I think they sorely needed.

I love cards that just trigger my brain to start imagining all the advanced potential uses. Qayla is pretty slick.

Only two factions left! I promise we'll have the pre-order up as soon as humanly possible. Until then, we've given you endless previews to drool over. Come back next week for the Swamp Mercenaries and and the Tundra Guild, two factions we're VERY excited about showcasing.

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