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Vargath Vanguards: Light that Fights

Part 2 of the Vargath Vanguard Summoner Wars Alliances Preview

Last week we saw how Moyra Skylark uses formations and her own strength to support and protect her units. Importantly, she boosts the attack and movement of one common unit per turn. Today we'll take a look at all three of Moyra's base commons, plus an event that makes Moyra even more intriguing.

Underneath each card image I'll insert Frank's comments.


Frank: This is the first unit I designed, and what really got the juices flowing.  They take the protection idea from the Vanguards and match it up with the disciplined formation of the Vargath in a really cool way.  It's the bread and butter common unit in the base deck, using Moyra's Divine Presence to reposition into the correct formation to Hold the Line against the enemy.  I think Sunderved will like having a few of these guys at his disposal as well.  And no - HOLD THE LINE does not combo with SHIELD OF LIGHT - sorry Sam.... some things just don't always work out.


Frank: This was another card that I'd have liked to have done a bit more with, but simplicity won out.  However, the Vanguards have always had some sort of angel at their disposal.  Where the Cherubs really help is using their light feet to dance through the tight formations Moyra likes to hold, and also for Moyra to Change Form into to get out of trouble.  But they really come into their own when a Crusader is around.


Frank: Happy coming out of retirement Raechel and Coleen!!!  One of my main goals designing this deck was to find a way to make those two girls at least relevant, and I hope Crusaders do that.  I again tried to combine two themes - light and positioning - to get a strong, thematic unit.  These guys can make Cherubs throw up to 3 dice with Moyra or Sunderved, and boost a bunch of Vanguard champs up as well (Leah, Father Ben, Raechel, Coleen).  Note that it does NOT work on the word "lightning" unfortunately, but Sunderved should still enjoy a 3 life common that can further boost the Cherub's attack.  I also hope that Sera (especially) and Sam like a 3-life common that brings some extra attack dice.

Change Form

Frank: My favorite event card thematically, and her take on Transformation with a Vargath twist.  Kalon and Sam can transform into this being of light, but Moyra instead can take on the form of her units, allowing her to get in touch with the units she's commanding on a more spiritual level, oftentimes preferring to take the form of Vargath units you can build in (but she also loves changing into her 3 base commons).  I'd have loved for this to be a permanent effect until she changed again, but a combination of OP'edness with a couple commons and a desire to make this deck one of the easier ones to pick up and play shot that down, but I still love the card.

One more week left of Vargath Vanguard and Jungle Shadow previews. Monday, some bombs will be dropped with some major pieces of Melundak's deck that are still missing, as well as a couple Goat-Champs and one last Moyra event. Can't wait!

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