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We have reached the end of previews for The Children of Blackcloud. Today we look at the last card included in Brennen's deck.  And it's been a fun ride! From engines that manufacture repeatable damage, to cards intended to extend the game long enough to secure victory, most of the Children of Blackcloud's cards serve a distinct purpose in Brennen's deck. Choke, today's preview, is a little different. This card doesn't work towards The Children of Blackcloud's engine. It doesn't directly contribute the the strategy of the deck. No, no, Choke doesn't synergize with the rest of the cards in Brennen's deck. It's just a good card, a really good card!


At first glance this card may seem rather innocuous. What exactly does it do? Well, the first thing it does is it breaks up combos. Not all combos, but enough that this to warrant the 1 Ceremonial Class cost.

What kind of combos? Well, for instance, for one magic you can stop Pain Link on the Living Doll from triggering when your opponent plays Redirect. It also stops the Enchanted Violinist's ability Song of Sorrow from triggering off of Saria's ability Heart's Pull. Or you could stop Saria's ability to begin with.

Which brings me to my next point: Every Phoenixborn ability is pretty awesome, and choke stops every one of them, and some of the most powerful Phoenixborn and unit abilities can be triggered multiple times in a round or even a turn. Just look at Jessa's ability, Screams of the Departed. Its power comes from being used over and over. But with Choke, you can stop the Jessa player from using that ability for a whole turn!

And the Blue Jaguar's Gaze 1 ability. Yeah, I'd rather my unit not be exhausted, thank you! In fact, a good many of the things most players consider quite annoying are unit or Phoenixborn abilities. And Choke stops almost all of them.

Just try putting a Choke or 2 in your deck, and trust me when I say you'll be amazed at how useful you'll find this card!

That's it for the Children of Blackcloud. This is one of my favorite pre-constructed decks, and it's been a pleasure showing off the cards found in it. Thursday I get to show you one last card found in The Frostdale Giants, Rin's final frozen flurry.

Thanks for reading!

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