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Ever wondered why the natural dice power ability, which deals 1 damage to a unit, uses a frog in its iconography? Obviously because frogs bite! (Huh?!) They do! And today's preview proves it. At least icy frogs bite... when directed by magic.

Frost Bite

I know I said this card was cute, and it is, but that pinky finger being shattered after it frozen solid is pretty grim. And you see, that's the thing with The Frostdale Giants. Even when trotting out the cutest, most innocent of its denizens, it still packs a punch! The unassuming is deadly, and every threat still caries an air of joviality. (Well, except for Rin's Fury, which is just scary!)

1 Natural Class for 1 damage to a target unit or Phoenixborn. Pretty simple. But here's where it gets interesting. At focus 1, you can use any die in your active pool to generate damage to any target you choose. That's pretty versatile. And you can use it round after round!

Having Frost Bite on your spellboard means the game will end sooner or later, and probably in your favor. You can use it to kill off opposing units, allowing you to get your own through for damage, or just ding your opponent up to 3 times per round, regardless of what sides you roll on your dice. Either way, you're getting damage through to your opponent's Phoenixborn! And that's how you win the game.

Cuteness with a dark edge, inevitability, and versatility. Frost Bite has all the qualities  to make it a fan favorite.

Previews are almost done, but don't worry, it will only be a short wait till you can hold all the new and exciting cards in your own hands! Next week we'll see Rin's final card, it'll be a blast!

Thanks for reading!

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