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Remember when I said “Don't let Rin's jovial demeanor fool you...”? Well... today we look at what happens when Rin stops smiling!

Rin's Fury

Woah, I guess things just got real. You see, normally Rin doesn't have to give it all he's got, calling upon his army to fight. But when the chips are down, and Rin's true mettle is tested, he has an inner fire he can call upon, known as Rin's Fury.

Mechanically speaking, the first section of this card is well worth the cost. Spending 3Basic to get  5 exhausted dice back into your active dice pool is just flat out resource advantage! But Rin's Fury doesn't stop there. In addition to just gaining 2 more dice to use in a round, you have the added ability to deal damage to a target unit or Phoenixborn by spending any Natural Power you just rolled! It's not guaranteed of damage, but really, this part of Rin's Fury is just icing on the cake!

Now let's talk about how Rin's Fury fits into the game of Ashes itself. Magic types all have strengths and weaknesses. Natural magic, for instance, is very strong at dealing damage to whatever target it chooses, be it unit or Phoenixborn. But when it comes to gaining resource advantage, natural comes up short. With Rin's Fury, however, you gain all the power of natural magic, and you get to do something no other Phoenixborn can muster, gaining resource advantage while using natural magic!

And it's optional! If you roll any Natural Power you don't have to spend them. If you have a better use for those magic dice you're free to use them for other purposes later in the round.

But let's not sell that damaging portion of Rin's Fury short! It has led to some of the most tense games of Ashes I have ever played! It's the kind of card where both players put down their hands an stare intently at the tumbling dice! Will those 2 fateful frogs stare down my opponent's Phoenixborn, placing the final fatal wounds? It's visceral and exciting in what is already a fast paced and exciting game!

The Role of Rin's Fury in The Frostdale Giants

Rin packs a lot of power in his deck, The Frostdale Giants, but that power comes at a price. Powerful cards aren't cheap, and since Rin runs all natural dice, there is no other way to gain the dice you require  to play and activate all those powerful cards in a single round. Simply put, Rin's Fury lets you do all the things, and it let's you do them in a fun and exciting way!

That wraps up the previews for this week. But fear not faithful reader, next Tuesday we've got more cards coming at'cha.

Thanks for reading!


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joepinion commented:

Check out that coat! More like "Rin's Furry"! Sorry was saving that one.

Posted on 2016-02-18.

Vidyaraja commented:

That opens up a little question about the timing for paying a cost:
Let's say I have 8 ready dice and 2 exhausted dice. On my main action I play Rin's Fury. Do I get to roll the 3 dice I just spent? I'd guess so, but maybe resources are exhausted only after an effect has resolved.

Posted on 2016-02-18.

Akai commented:

Vidyaraja: You can return the dice you just spent to activate the card to your active dice pool.

Posted on 2016-02-18.

wandrewni commented:

Do I have to choose my target before I roll? Thinking about interaction with cards like Golden Veil, which would cancel the whole card.

Posted on 2016-02-21.

Phuzzworthy commented:

yes you must choose the target before you roll the dice

Posted on 2016-02-21.

Vidyaraja commented:

Wow, that does interact strangely with Golden Veil. So while casting this card you have to choose a target you might want to damage, because otherwise you would not be able to spend any frog?
But if you suspect a Golden Veil then you'd have to choose to not target anything (or target the PB) because that would cancel the dice rolling effect?
A saner, but less mechanically rigorous way, would be to treat the "choosing a target and spending frog" effect as separate from the card itself, being triggered from the dice-rolling effect resolving. Weird.

Posted on 2016-02-22.

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