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Allies are pretty swell, and The Children of Blackcloud sure packs plenty of them. If you include enough ceremonial dice in your deck, allies are almost as reusable as conjurations, but some cards in Ashes can really hinder your ability to recur your allies, such as Fade Away and Silver Snake. Plus, the damage you take from returning allies to your hand from your discard pile can add up quickly, making it that much easier for your opponent to sneak in lethal damage.

For these reasons, even the most ally-centric strategies will often pack a summon spell or 2, and Brennen's deck is no exception. Behold ceremonial's first conjuration intended for use on your own battlefield!

Summon Dread WraithDread Wraith

Look at that life value! It's almost as resilient as any other 2 units in the game put together. Its 1-attack value may make it seem like this unit is nothing for your opponent to worry about, but its Rage ability tells a different story. Adding 1 to its attack value for every wound token on it makes this unit terrifying to deal with. Yep, this unit is absolutely worth its 3 cost.

And if an opponent exhausts your Dread Wraith, just turn it into 6 exhaustion tokens on a problematic unit on their battlefield with Blood Chains. Or if you have Summon Dread Wraith focused twice, not even an exhaustion token can keep this agent of wrath from exacting its revenge!

And the art on this conjuration is stunning if a bit terrifying. I mean, who wouldn't be quivering in fear if they ran across this!

Now let's consider the Dread Wraith with some already an established themes of ceremonial magic. Several ready spells have powerful or versatile effects with the “drawback” of having to wound your own units, Small Sacrifice and Blood Transfer to name a couple. With the Dread Wraith, you can gain these effects and power up your wraith while you're at it!

The Dread Wraith is sure to enhance ceremonial based strategies, but the last card left to reveal from The Children of Blackcloud will almost certainly allow you to have the final say about a good many things. Before we finish up previewing Brennen's deck, though, we get to see cuteness, inevitability, and versatility all in one card! Curious? Come back to read all about it Thursday, you know you want to!

Thanks for reading!

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