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So far we've previewed Brennen and the Blackcloud Ninja (and of course Rin and his Fury, but we'll talk about that later this week). This week we'll look at 2 other cards found in The Children of Blackcloud, Poison and Crimson Bomber.

Crimson Bomber

Crimson Bomber is a versatile card. For only 2 Ceremonial Class you get a 3-attack-value ally. The "ally" part is important in a deck that runs all ceremonial dice. This means that if three damage from an attack or if his stellar Ability, Detonate 3, would be useful, you can bring the bomber back in the future using the Ceremonial Dice Power Ability.

I can tell you the Detonate 3 ability will definitely have its uses, helping Brennen deal with swarming units. But just as often, the 3-attack value will be exactly what you need to finish the opponent off. Or you could even extend its damage output to 5 by using Brennen's Spirit Burn ability to destroy the exhausted Bomber who just attacked, putting it in your discard pile, freeing up a battlefield slot, and allowing you to do it all over again!

Poison card

Poison is pretty simple. Whoever controls the unit you attach Poison can only pass main as their main action if they want to keep the Poisoned unit around.  They can still take a side action, but any action other than pass will deal 1 damage to the attached unit. It may take a bit, but ultimately your opponent will have to take actions they didn't want to take, or lose whatever unit you most wanted to get rid of! This spell will eventually get rid of any unit for 1 Ceremonial Class, the model of efficiency.

Today's two cards make up just a small part of how Brennen's deck controls the battlefield, and combined with Brennen's Spirit Burn ability, you'll soon see The Children of Blackcloud will rarely want for ways to deal with units!

Come back next week to see some of the spells Brennen likes to keep around, but first, this Thursday we'll look at a few of Rin's best friends!

Thanks for reading!

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Thiede commented:

If we preorder both of the new decks, we can get Dimona and Lulu for free, correct? Also, if this is true, do we get three copies of Rayward Knight and Phoenix Barrage with them or do we have to buy Dimona and Lulu to get those cards?

Posted on 2016-02-23.

joepinion commented:

Yes you could get both for free that way and yes they come with all 3 copies of their unique card.

Posted on 2016-02-23.

BlamedCat commented:

Wow! I'm really digging this. ^_^ I can't wait to see more!

Posted on 2016-02-23.

nebworb commented:

Just thought of an interesting counter to poison, side action a charm dice on to the creature, which boosts its attack and effectively shields it from the poison that turn.

Posted on 2016-02-25.

MightyToenail commented:

It's funny how I want to use the Bomber in nearly every deck, especially Coal... Except Brennan. There are two types of units that work well for him. Cheap, zero or one attack units like Anchornaut for sacrificing, or big units for staying power. If the bomber had a when this leaves play ability, it would be a lot better in Brennan.

Posted on 2016-03-01.

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