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Summoner Wars Second Summoner Pre-Order!

Order all 8 for a great discount!

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The pre-order is finally here! Head over to the Summoner Wars store and pre-order 8 new Second Summoners today!

These are 8 awesome decks with the utmost care put into designing and playtesting them. The people working on Summoner Wars love this game and these 8 summoners are a love letter to Summoner Wars fans!


Best of all, if you order all 8 summoners in our second summoner bundle, you get all 8 for just $59.95!

Previews have already begun. You can read those linked below or check out the summaries of each summoner written by Lead Playtester Frank Balog.

Second Summoner Previews:
Kynstri's Mission
Saturos: Part 1, Part 2
Natazga: Part 1, Part 2
Malenatar: Part 1, Part 2
Scraven: Part 1, Part 2
Little Meda: Part 1
Shiva: Part 1
Brath: Part 1
Farrah: Part 1

Head to the store and order the new Summoner Wars packs today!

And don't forget to pick up Dead of Winter: The Long Night while you're at it! The games will be shipped at around the same time, and US orders over $100 get free shipping!

Click here to get the Summoner Wars 8 Second Summoner Bundle!

Note: Ahead of pre-orders shipping, know that a limited amount of copies will be sent directly to Origins Game Fair and available at MSRP. These copies will be entirely separate from the pre-orders of the game, and we will not be offering a pre-order pick up at Origins Game Fair. While we hope for the pre-orders to be shipped prior to the show, we can’t guarantee their arrival prior to getting to the show.

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