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SW Preview: The Onslaught

Malenatar, part 2

Mountain Vargath

Programming Note: Due to the large number of cards to preview, we are starting the previews before the pre-orders are available. Plus, Preview Monday will be twice as nice as usual, with TWO Summoner Wars previews per day. TWO!

Big news: We hope to open Summoner Wars pre-orders tomorrow, April 19! But first, your next taste of Malenatar and Scraven. First, the Mountain Vargath summoner. Sorry in advance for the shorter preview! A bit short of sleep and time!

The Mountain Vargath have always gotten a lot of mileage out of a lot of units, and "wave of goatmen" has been a standard Summoner Wars term for years. But sometimes, you just need one guy with a big spikey club to get it done.


Woah, 5-attack every turn if you want it. This guy is even solid without the ability, giving you the option to have a solid unit or a terrifying attacker each turn. But if you get just 1 use out of Champion of War, look out. Kadros is an outlier though. In general, the Vargath like their goatmen waves.


With Onslaught you can get either 4 different units to attack in a turn, or have one unit attack twice. This attack being before the movement phase is interesting. On the one hand, you can't position yourself for the attack. But on the other hand, you could destroy something with the attack, then move through where it was toward the enemy summoner!

Between Onslaught, Battle Procurement, and Superior Execution, there will be some events you'll need at just the right time. Sunderved always had Superior Planning at his disposal to find the right event. Guess what, Malenatar's got it too!

Superior Planning

This is the only event (I think) common among two summoners within one faction. You're likely already familiar with Superior Planning; I'll just note that it's just as important to Malenatar as it was to Sunderved. Get that discard economy going or speed ahead an early rush with Onslaught.

Finally, saving all 3 commons and the final event for next time, we bring you Ossa, who is frickin awesome.


Just a cool card. Mirrors Jacob Eldwyn's heavenly rain, this time adding thunder, which can be even more powerful in its range. Put them together in Moyra's deck for extra fun!

Come back later today for more Scraven goodness, and tomorrow for the pre-order!!

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