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Ashes Preview: Is It Getting Cold in Here?

Icy Death has Come

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With Frostback Bears filling out the ranks, what other units could Rin possibly need? The answer is that Rin doesn't NEED another unit, but he wants to show his absolute dominance on the battlefield, and for that no mere bear will do. Feel the ground shiver and fear for your life, for icy death has come!

Summon Ice GolemIce Golem

At 2 Natural Class and 1 Basic this unit isn't cheap. You see you need to pay for the dominant presence the Ice Golem brings to Ashes. At 3 attack value, this icy monster brings an immediate threat to the battlefield. Its life value of 2 does make it a bit brittle, just like newly formed ice. That is until you attach an alteration to it. Just one alteration and this unit's life value soars to 4 because of its Skin Morph 2 ability. And that's not even counting any life value boost the Ice Golem would gain from the alteration.

Just like ice, if given a chance to build, it can be near impossible to get through the dense chunk of icy mass, and in The Frostdale Giants you can buff the golem the very turn you put into play with Rin's ability, Ice Buff. Nothing in Ashes can compare to a 3 attack value, 5 life unit for a mere 3 magic! And that's not even considering what monstrous levels this towering titan can achieve with the other alterations found in Rin's deck! With Crystal Shield the Ice Golem becomes a 3 attack, 6 life unit with unit guard. Or with Frozen Crown it's a 6 attack 4 life fear machine your opponent can't avoid dealing with!

And the icing on the cake is that if you focus this spell twice, each time you activate it, you heal every Ice Golem on your battlefield, making them even harder to finish off. In short, if your spellboard  includes Summon Ice Golem, your opponents are in for a painful experience!

Only 2 icy treats from Rin remain, and both have great utility. Next week we'll peek at Rin's cutest card, but until then have fun imagining the doom your opponents will face when you can finally include the Summon Ice Golem spell in your deck! April can't come soon enough!

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