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Cave Filth: Subjugating Souls

Part 2 of the Cave Filth Summoner Wars Alliances Preview

It's preview Thursday! Considering the large number of comments on last Thursday's preview, it's safe to say everyone is excited for the Cave Filth.

There are SIX new mutations in this deck! The first one is below. For deckbuilding, note that all mutations are "Mutations of the Filth," not the "Cave Filth." They have Filth card backs as well. So you will not be able to put mutations into Frick's or Sneeks' decks. Also, according to standard mutation rules (click "FAQ" on the link to see them), you can only mutate Filth commons, so old Cave Goblin Fighters, Clingers, Berserkers, etc, don't qualify to be mutated, even when they're in The Warden's deck. As usual the base deck works 100%.

Grotesque Mutant

Here we have another solid supplier of prisoners to go along with The Warden's ability, Prisoners themselves, and the Overwork event. No common unit is safe from this monstrosity no matter their size or strength. And that is notable especially considering the following event.


Now we're seeing some truly nefarious uses of the Warden's Prison Pile! Much like Tundle's Illusionary Warrior, you could grab absolutely any common unit, whether a Savager or a Fire Dancer or an Elephant (not to mention your own self-killed mutations) and have them thrashing foes on behalf of the Cave Filth.

The Warden's synergy with his Prison Pile seemingly never ends. Such a successful venture demands middle managers, so the champion Hester rules the prison ruthlessly and is empowered by the abuse he heaps on prisoners.


Note the lack of a ceiling on that ability. Keep piling up your Prison and the sky is the limit! And if you need a boost in that department, you can always subjugate some spent spirits.


This is a simple but effective event card. Whether you need prisoners for enlistment, shields, Hester's wrath, or Scabbicus' revolt, Subjugation is there for you. And with your new wealth of prisoners, the following card might be worthwhile to play as well.

Unholy Sacrifice

There is just one copy of this event in the deck. (Every other event has two copies.) I'm sure you'll find plenty of uses for it, so I won't detail them all here.

Finally, we bring you a champion who needs no introduction:

The Soul Eater

Disgusting looking but effective, the Soul Eater can either feed your prison pile or eat up your prisoners.  I'll let you imagine what kind of disturbing mutation turned the already grotesque Eater (or another of The Eater's species?) into this walking profanity.

Yes, as last week's comments demonstrated, you all are excited for the Cave Filth. You sick, disturbed people. Don't forget, Monday we'll finish up the Deep Benders, and next Thursday is Mutation Thursday!

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