Ashes: Leo and Victoria

“I can’t murder you if you keep killing my things!”

It’s time for another preview of Victoria’s sneaky cards! If you thought Victoria didn’t have another trick or two up her sleeves, you’ve got another thing coming! After this week, Victoria is sure to cement her place as the Queen of Mean in the world of Argaia. Today we’re going to be taking a look at some of the new reaction spells Victoria brings to the table, as well as a new ready spell that works in tandem with them. Victoria’s new cards are so sneaky that if you blink, you just might miss them!

Secret Door

There’s no denying that reaction spells are some of the most powerful cards in the game. Cards like Sympathy Pain punish enemies for damaging you, and others like Final Cry and Summon Sleeping Widows make them think twice about destroying your units. Well, now your enemies will have another thing to look out for during their turn! Secret Door allows you to draw a card by exhausting Secret Door when a reaction spell is played. This means you can benefit from playing reaction spells yourself by replacing the card in your hand with a brand new one. You can also trigger this ability with an enemy reaction spell, softening the blow of their card by gaining a new one.

But that’s not all! Secret Door also lets you return a played reaction spell to your hand by discarding it after the reaction spell resolves. Imagine what your deck would look like with three extra copies of Sympathy Pain! That’s a whole new level of hurt!

Particle Shield

Secret Door only gets to shine with a steady supply of reaction spells, and that’s where Particle Shield comes in. While it may not look like much to begin with, this card is definitely more than meets the eye! For starters, Particle Shield is unique in that it can be played even if you have already played a reaction spell this turn. This means you never have to choose between this card and another key reaction spell you need to play.

Additionally, Particle Shield isn’t discarded after being played like most reaction spells. Instead, it’s shuffled into your draw pile. That’s right! Much like Victoria’s Illusion Cycle, this card goes back into your draw pile to return again! With these cyclical cards, Victoria will give players a new way to extend the size of their draw pile to protect from discard effects. Speaking of, why don’t we take a look at something that can cancel those effects all together?


Golden Veil was one of the most powerful cards in the game when it came to protecting units from harmful effects. But why should units get all the love? What about the Phoenixborn?! Aren’t they the real stars of the show?! Vanish gives them some long overdue attention. Vanish allows you to cancel an effect that would target your Phoenixborn, including their draw or discard pile. Finally, a card that can stand up to the likes of Choke, Sympathy Pain or even Molten Gold! This card is a real powerhouse, and it pairs nicely with Secret Door as well!

Wow! The hits just keep coming from Victoria. I really don’t know what to expect from her next article! She’s certainly proving herself to be one of the trickiest Phoenixborn yet. With reaction spells like these, it’s clear that the Duchess of Deception aims to earn that title! Be sure to check in next week for Victoria’s next preview, because we’ve certainly saved the best for last. If you just can’t wait until then, be sure to check back for Leo’s next preview on Thursday. Between Victoria and the Roaring Rose, things are really heating up!

‘Til Next Time,
Callin Flores

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Eze commented:

Vanish, the first real counterspell on the house.

Posted on 2016-07-04.

Bolga commented:

Indeed Callin. She looks like she'll be even more tricky than Noah pre-constructed to play. Not a beginner deck by the look of it.

Secret Door and Vanish are very good cards. They have the potential to veer the meta a bit away from the dominating burn decks.

I'd like to think that Particle Shield would push a grinder deck into being viable competitively. For Rin in particular. I'd be good if another deck archetype than the dominating burn decks could emerge as counters.


Posted on 2016-07-04.

NuminaInfuscata commented:

Nice article. =]

I can't wait to have these decks in my mits; Victoria is easily my favourite Phoenixborn design. ^^

Posted on 2016-07-04.

lunacyfrog commented:

Secret Door looks a little underwhelming at first blush, but in the context of a heavy exhaust deck where you tend to have a lot more money than your opponent, you need to have extra cards to spend dice on...

Particle Shield and Vanish seem to be hard counters to Leo's deck. I'm excited to see what else Leo has to push through as I'm assuming the decks are well-balanced against each other.

Posted on 2016-07-04.

RaptorBonz commented:

I think secret door is great, but will only find a home in decks that are built for it. The other to are amazing!

Particle shield will do a great job fighting the ping centric unit removal we have in the game right now (frogs, gilders, EV's, Hammers, archers and didn't we just see shadow hounds!)

Meanwhile vanish will be an auto include so long as Molten Gold is, which means molten gold might lose that title (wouldn't it be nice!)

Very excited to see where all these cards bring us, and to see what comes next! now two more things...are we sure Shadow spirit is not Victoria's unique card (since it show up in so much of her art) and is she the Duchess of Deception or the Queen of Mean? :P (thanks Callin for the Write-up!)

Posted on 2016-07-04.

Dreval commented:

Loving that Vanish! Will be interesting to see if Molten Gold keeps the love it's earned.

Posted on 2016-07-05.

killercactus commented:

It'll be interesting to see if people want to include enough Illusion dice to always run Vanish. Since its a reaction spell, you can't meditate and play it in the same turn. You have to meditate the turn prior, which clues your opponent in to knowing you have it ready to fire. Plus you have to run Illusion, which isn't as strong as Nature (yet).

Posted on 2016-07-06.

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