Ashes: Leo and Victoria

“You seem so sure about what's real and what isn't.”- Victoria Glassfire

How exciting is this! It seems like yesterday we were exploring 2 all-new Phoenixborn and their pre-built decks. And now I get to start previewing the next 2 decks, which are already available for pre-order. Callin Flores from The Main Action Podcast will be helping with the previews this time around. Both of them are chock full of fun new cards, clever new mechanisms, and some continuations on pre-existing themes I know you've all been waiting for. Today's article is all about Victoria and her Unique card Illusionary Cycle.

Victoria Glassfire

The Stats

Life Value 18: 18 Life is average. You can afford to protect your units when you must, but you can't just throw her out there to take the damage for her units without considering the danger to Victoria...

Battlefield Value 5: ...and her battlefield of 5 is average as well, meaning she can execute some freedom while attacking, but she doesn't gain a great advantage here either.

Spellboard Value 4: A 4 spellboard is middle of the road too, meaning her stats allow a wide range of play styles, but nothing really stands out.

So what makes Victoria special? What gives her an edge that draws you to playing her? Why, her special ability of course!

Ability: Shadow Spring

Um, so... Shadow Spring is totally unfair. Victoria just gets to use 11 dice per round! She doesn't even have to include a card to do it! Just pay 1Illusionary Power and suddenly you have 2 power symbols of your choice, ready to go! Victoria's stats are average all around, but Shadow Spring provides her with magic advantage every round, and that's powerful!

Illusionary Cycle

And Victoria doesn't stop with Shadow Spring! Her Unique card provides extra magic too, but this time with surprise! Just think about it. You're pretending to be at the mercy of your opponent. You've spent all your dice too early, so your opponent springs their master plan. But suddenly you play Illusionary Cycle, and use Shadow Spring! Bam! 2 dice on their power side from out of nowhere! Now you can respond to your opponent's plays when they had expected you to just sit there and take a pummeling. As you'll see, Victoria's far too clever and unpredictable for the opponent to ever feel their plans are safe.

Because this card shuffles itself back into your deck, you can gain even more magic advantage round after round! As you'll see, there's just no end to the tricks Victoria can pull off.

Now I want to take a moment to talk about something that may be confusing about this card. It shuffles itself  back into your deck, but its placement says “Discard.” The reason for this is that the card is placed in the discard pile before it resolves. If it were to be placed in your deck right away, you wouldn't be able to read the effects while resolving this card. Plus some boring rules stuff prevents the card from having an effect if it's not in your discard pile when it's resolving.

The Strategy of The Duchess of Deception

The Duchess of Deception never lets your opponents' plans come to fruition. Playing units that have amazing stats for their cost, turning your units weaknesses into strengths, and making any advantage your opponent thought their units had, illusory, are major themes in Victoria's deck. If you enjoy making your opponent second guess every action and every choice they make, well... you're gonna love this deck! And remember, Victoria uses all illusion dice, so if you ever gain an advantage, you can exhaust their dice to keep it that way.

Victoria sure is exciting. Make sure you come back next week to see what Callin has to say about the first parcel of her other cards. Of course, we have another Phoenixborn to preview first, and I'm keeping all his cards for myself. Stop on in and check out Leo and his 2 uniques (yep he has 2 unique cards) this Thursday, you won't regret it!

Thanks for reading!

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philipliva commented:

I was like, VERY good unique card... and then I saw the cost... This is cheating XD hahahaha

Posted on 2016-06-21.

LukeAriel commented:

The funny thing about that card is if you have 3 copies in your deck, eventually you're going to need to meditate it out or it will kill your card draw. The more depleted your draw deck is, the higher the ratio Illusionary Cycle will be in your draws, and if you're relying on drawing more cards, it'll plug you right up. It's a definite mixed blessing of a card.

Posted on 2016-06-21.

layziewyrm commented:

In an ideal game the opponent should be dead long before any will need cycled out. I can see Victoria utilizing abundance well to stop the hand clog.

Posted on 2016-06-21.

jgibbo90 commented:

So Leo has two uniques... His Glow Finch and one other card (plus it's 2 extra copies)? So Rin is the same with his Rin's Fury and Ice Buff- they are both considered to be seperate unique cards which make Leo and Rin different from the rest of the PBs. Lots of debate over this one.

Posted on 2016-06-21.

lunacyfrog commented:

I like how Victoria and Orrick's abilities free up deckbuilding space typically eaten up by Expand Energy, Hidden Power, Shifting Mists, etc. It's almost like Victoria has an extra spellboard slot.

Posted on 2016-06-21.

Vidyaraja commented:

@lunacyfrog She either has integrated Hidden Power, but you have to consider that you can't spend this dice advantage on a cool baility like Screams or Spirit Burn or Water Blast or Shadow Stab, or with her unique can get a significant dice advantage... At the cost of possibly not drawing a more impactful card when she needs it.

Illusionary Cycle would be much better if you could either choose to leave it in the discard or put it on top of your deck, so you could meditate it away.

Still I think she will be very strong for decks that rely more on spellboard setup than drawing all your Molten Golds and Sympathy Pains in sequence. Maybe 4 books and a deck full of interference play?

Overall for now I think this PB is rated at "Eh, it could work". Of course we have 18 new cards to be revealed that will change how all the PB will interact with the pool.

Posted on 2016-06-22.

Newfaceofrev commented:

If I'm not wrong you could actually use this to negate Abundance.

Posted on 2016-06-22.

killercactus commented:

Yeah I think I'd like to try a mill deck that uses Abundance to draw everybody out and start dealing damage to the other player, but Vicky never takes damage because she keeps drawing Illusionary Cycle.

Plus, having extra dice each round gives her some room to spend dice on milling stuff.

Posted on 2016-06-22.

lunacyfrog commented:

Vidyaraja, I agree. Victoria basically gives up having a cool and unique special power for magic advantage, broader deck building options, and even a defense against milling.

Seems like a fair trade to me.

Posted on 2016-06-22.

MightyToenail commented:

Heavy exhaust decks are so much easier now.

Posted on 2016-06-22.

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