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Tail Feathers Pre-Order Shipping Deals

European Union and Canadian customers get reduced shipping costs.

Tail FeathersThe arrival of Tail Feathers moves closer as it floats to us over a vast ocean, like a majestic bird flying in to aid the Downwood Militia. Soon your table will be active with 5 birds, 5 pilots and a box full of ground units, along with the classic Mice and Mystics charm in a competitive game!

As the pre-order period winds down, so does the chance to get Tail Feathers from the store for $54.95, $15 off the retail price. Simultaneously winding down is the great shipping deals you can get if you order Tail Feathers for shipping to Canada or the European Union!

Check out with a single copy of Tail Feathers in your cart and you can choose "Special Mail" when shipping to any Canadian or European Union address for special pre-order shipping prices.

Of course, anyone who orders from gets the Portents of Importance Lost Chapter for free with their order!

ComponentsClick here to pre-order Tail Feathers today!

If you want to hear about game sessions from fans, check out these great session reports from user GHBell:

You can also read our extensive Tail Feathers preview series!

Week 1: Round Phases, Story Part 1
Week 2: Flight Basics, Aerijin & Zure, Story Part 2
Week 3: Attacking, Grizzard & Snag, Story Part 3
Week 4: Ground Troops, Snibble and Sienna, Valchirp and Wella, Story Part 4
Week 5: Scenarios, Staborah, Story Part 5
Week 6: Squads, Chumjaw and Wrunk, Story Part 6

If you'd like to LISTEN to something about Tail Feathers, check out the Tail Feathers Plaid Hat Podcast episode.

If you'd like to WATCH a Tail Feathers video, check out our trailer or Watch It Played's game overview video below. More Tail Feathers videos are coming soon!

You can also meet Twitch, the online-exclusive special Tail Feathers pilot designed by a Plaid Hat Games fan!

Click here to pre-order Tail Feathers today for $15 off the retail price and a special promo Mice and Mystics scenario with initiative and search cards compatible with Mice and Mystics: Downwood Tales!