Tail FeathersThanks to everyone who entered the Tail Feathers contest to create a Tail Feathers pilot! Everyone had a ton of fun reading the creative ideas. Last week we featured the two runners up. We are now delighted to announce the winner! Meet Twitch, designed by user WoodenRabbitB!

Click here to download the Twitch pdf card.

Twitch rookieTwitch standard

Twitch is a web-only pilot whose card you can download in PDF form. Twitch is legal for play in Tail Feathers. Proxy another pilot figure of your choice to represent Twitch. You can also download Twitch from the Support area of the Tail Feathers game page.

Jerry, the designer of Tail Feathers, worked with the winner to develop the final form of the card. Here's what Jerry had to say!

Twitch concept artI just want to say thank you to all who participated in this little contest. I hope you guys had as much fun creating your entries as we did reading them. Frankly, I am humbled by the level of creativity demonstrated by all of you! It really was quite inspiring for me, and it got my creativity flowing as well.

I thought I might talk a little bit about the winning entry and why I chose him. Again, there were so many good entries, it was quite a toss up. I chose Twitch because his name, stats, and ability all matched a certain theme. I also really liked the elegance of his ability as well. The implementation of his ability did however need some adjustments. There was a cheese cost, and we dropped that as we are trying to keep cheese cost abilities isolated to action cards. The wording on the ability needed to be trimmed to fit on the card so we removed the tilting function and just left it that the bird would keep its same tilt. We also removed the long template restriction since we felt there would be no need to limit it that way.

His stats are good so we decided not to give him any proficiencies. He will just have to rely on his base stats, built in maneuverability, high piloting, and cards that work wit his species or his bird.

What we ended with is a spunky little trick pilot that fits right in with the Downwood Mlitia. Twitch is an adventurous streetwise mouse that likes to gamble and loves the thrill of flying. Anyway, I am already looking forward to the custom cards and scenarios I can tell this community will be ready to create! My favorite part of the hobby!

Jerry Hawthorne

Here's the original pitch for Twitch from the contest:

Twitch (Downwood Militia)
Carve: When placing a long "flight End Template" you may spend 1 cheese to make a piloting check to change the tilt of Twitch's bird and therefore change the final Maneuver Point. (If the piloting check fails no change is made to the flight path or the tilt.)
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/2/3/1

"Twitch? Yeah, he sees all the angles, in everything. Don't roll back alley dice with the likes of him!" - Fleeced Oakguard.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! We are so excited for the release of Tail Feathers!

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