Tail Feathers

Tail Feathers

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Plaid Hat Games proudly presents Tail Feathers, the exciting new miniature skirmish game by our very own Jerry Hawthorne set in the beloved world of Mice and Mystics. Soar across the table, send your troops on dangerous missions, lock beaks with opposing birds, and defend your nest!


Featuring the beautiful hand-sculpted miniatures by Chad Hoverter Mice and Mystics fans have come to love, Tail Feathers raises the stakes with 13 dutiful ground troops, 5 headstrong birds that tilt for launching and turning, plus 5 daring pilots. Players will recreate the famous battles for aerial supremacy that shaped the Mice and Mystics world.


Tail Feathers is a stand-alone game, not a Mice and Mystics expansion, but you can use your Mice and Mystics: Sorrow and Remembrance miniatures in Tail Feathers right out of the box.

  • Compatibility! If you already own Mice and Mystics, you're in luck! Tail Feathers includes cards which allow you to use your Mice and Mystics figures in Tail Feathers! Bam!
  • Story driven campaign! Tail Feathers includes a scenario book with story rich scenarios all designed to be played either as both stand-alone experiences or linked together as a campaign.
  • Unique and challenging flight system! Tail Feathers includes 5 beautiful bird miniatures that are mounted on a special flight stand that allows the birds to 'tilt'. This tilting is a mechanism used to determine your flight direction, but the skill of effectively maneuvering your birds is up to you!
  • Everything you need! No empty box here. Tail Feathers comes with enough content for two players to field fully-realized, battle-ready forces, as well as cards that allow you to utilize your Mice and Mystics: Sorrow and Remembrance figures as Tail Feathers ground troops right away.

Set Contents:

    • 1 Tail Feathers Rulebook
    • 1 Scenario Book
    • 10 Action Dice
    • 35 Unit Cards
    • 60 Action Cards
    • 12 Objective Cards
    • 23 Plastic Figures
    • 5 Bird Bases
    • 1 Plastic Range Finder
    • 4 Tree Overlays
    • 1 Sapling Overlay
    • 8 Leaves
    • 2 Nests
    • 2 Nest Dials
    • 2 Player Clipboards
    • 1 Battlefield Axis Marker
    • 6 Mouse Team Mission Cards
    • 6 Rat Team Mission Cards
    • 97 Tokens
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