Tail Feathers: Aerijin and Zure
Meet the Downwood Militia's most seasoned pilot-steed team.

Tail Feathers | 2015-09-02

Tail FeathersWeek 2 of Tail Feathers previews continues! Each week we’ll provide you with a wealth of information covering the basics of gameplay, specific units, their strengths and weaknesses, and some strategies for using them.  We’ll also introduce you to the Downwood Militia, and Vermin Raider factions and the story surrounding the action in the game.

Tail Feathers is the exciting new miniature skirmish game by Jerry Hawthorne set in the beloved world of Mice and Mystics. Players will recreate the famous battles for aerial supremacy that shaped the Mice and Mystics world. Pre-order Tail Feathers today for $15 off the retail price and a free promo Mice and Mystics Lost Chapter compatible with Downwood Tales!

Visitors from a Distant Land

While the players are encouraged to mix and match pilots and birds, certain pairings are  reflected in the included story, as you will discover. This week we will be taking a look at Zure and his loyal blue jay Aerijin. These strangers from a distant land set out searching for Collin, but their urgent mission is made far more difficult. Arriving at the Downwood Forest, they discover the mice along the northern border under attack and struggling to defend their homes against an invasion of the ruthless Vermin Raiders.

So, without further ado, let's get started!

Not of This World

The Elven Mages of Zure’s land have transformed him into a mouse and his majestic blue dragon steed into a blue jay. Uncertain whether they’ll be able to return to their true form, Zure and Aerijin set off on a desperate quest to find Collin and restore the throne of Owendale.

Aerijin and Zure


In Tail Feathers, birds and their pilots are the backbone of your force, and together they form a single cohesive fighting unit. Learning how to leverage the combined skills of the pilot with the power and maneuverability of the bird into one unit is essential.

Battle: Zure is a seasoned warrior and with Aerijin, can hold his own against the large, powerful  carrion birds and their rat pilots in the Vermin Raiders.  Zure's ace rank pilot card has a melee battle value of 3 and he cannot be rattled (a negative effect that temporarily reduces a pilot’s effectiveness). Aerijin also has a battle value of 3. When Aerijin and Zure engage in a devastating swoop attack or death spiral, they add their battle values together giving them a total of 6 dice! Not bad at all.

Life: As a combined unit, Pilots and Birds combine their life points together as well. Aerijin has 4 life--strong for the Downwood Militia birds.  Zure's battle prowess contributes 2 additional life bringing the unit total to 6.

Defense: The bird protects its pilot from harm. When a bird and its pilot are defending they use the bird's defense value. Aerijin has a defense of 2. That's not too shabby, and combined with his 6 life, Zure and Aerijin have real staying power on the battlefield.

Speed: Aerijin is a fast bird. He has a move value of 3 and gets even faster when transporting a figure in his talons giving him a move of 4. This, combined with his access to maneuver-based action cards, makes this team easily the most powerful flying unit in the Downwood Militia. 

Proficiencies and Action Cards

In Tail Feathers, each player has a hand of 7 action cards chosen at the start of the game. These cards represent special tricks and maneuvers your heroes, pilots, and birds can perform to surprise your opponent and enhance your strategy.  Each action card has requirements for use. 

Zure and Aerijin have access to a many action cards, thanks to Zure’s robust set of proficiencies. Zure has the bullseye, sword, and magic proficiencies, providing him with access to a wide array of offensive and utility cards.  Aerijin has access to some awesome cards too, like Tumbling Freefall, and Double Peck.

action cards


Zure and Aerijin are a centerpiece unit in the Downwood Militia's aerial forces. Their robust stats, resistance to being rattled, and variety of proficiencies make them versatile on the battlefield.

Sky Hunting: With the use of action cards including Tumbling Freefall, Aerijin will be able to catch just about any enemy bird in order to either engage them either in a death spiral or slap ‘em around with a beefy melee attack.

Blitz: Transport a hard-hitting hero figure in your talons and fly at full speed toward your opponent’s tree.  Avoid Death Spirals, as they will just slow you down and distract you from your objective. Expertly maneuver Aerijin over your opponent's nest, dropping Nez on one side, and performing a swoop attack as you pass over, delivering a devastating one-two punch. 

Midfield Threat: Aerijin and Zure can roam the skies over the center of the battlefield to engage opponent's missions in swoop attacks or to engage your opponent’s blitzing birds in a death spiral that halts their progress and sends them fleeing in another direction or plummeting to the ground.  Or choose a combination of ranged action cards like Double Shot and melee cards like Blade Skills to increase your flexibility and threat. You can also tactically place your missions near Aerijin and Zure to deter an opponent’s hungry birds from swoop attacking ground troops assigned to your missions.

The potent combo of Zure and Aerijin provides you with plenty of options and the strength to succeed with them. Come back Friday for more details on their story!

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Written by Jerry Hawthorne
Jerry Hawthorne is the designer of Tail Feathers as well as Mice and Mystics.