Tail Feathers(The discussion thread for this contest can be found in our forums.)

Tail Feathers' release is getting closer! We've had a ton of preview articles already. You can (and should!) pre-order Tail Feathers today for $15 off the retail price and a free promo Mice & Mystics chapter compatible with Downwood Tales.

We've had so much fun sharing some of the pilot and bird units in our preview articles, we want to inspire your imagination too as you prepare to play Tail Feathers. So we are asking you to come up with an idea for a Tail Feathers pilot unit--and one posted idea will get made into an actual Tail Feathers pilot unit published on the web! Plus, win a copy of the game! All you have to do is comment below.

You'll post your idea for a Tail Feathers unit on this news item. Start by reviewing all our preview articles to make sure you understand the game and its pilot units. Then check out the full details below before entering.

Deadline for entering: September 22, 2015
Grand Prize: YOUR idea for a Tail Feathers pilot will have art commissioned and the card will be published online, compatible with the Tail Feathers base game along with a suggested Pilot mini. PLUS one copy of Tail Feathers shipped anywhere in the world!
2 Runner Up Prizes: $55 PlaidHatGames.com coupon code. Enough to pre-order Tail Feathers! (Code does not cover shipping costs.)
How to Win: The PHG team will select 1 winner for commissioning art and web-publishing of the card. Jerry will select 1 runner-up, and the other runner-up will be selected at random.
Entry: Simply reply below as instructed.
Limit: 1 entry per person. (If you reply multiple times, only your first comment will be considered. Note that if you refresh the page after commenting you may accidentally re-submit the same comment. This will not disqualify you; as noted, only your first comment will count.)

You must either be 18 or older or have a legal guardian's permission to enter.

Instructions for Entry: Check out our Tail Feathers game page, especially our preview articles that show the game basics and the pilot units! Here's an example pilot card:


Post your pilot in the comments below with the following format:

Name (Downwood Militia/Vermin Raiders)
Ability Name: Ability Text
Any stats you want to specify go here

You are welcome to post the Pilot's stats, such as melee battle value, range battle value, pilot value, proficiencies, bonus life value, and build point value. However, these are not required, and if you win, these may be adjusted for the web publication of your pilot. We recommend posting the stats that are foundational to the design concept of your pilot. Ability text may also change for rules/balance reasons.

Jerry also encourages you to post a sentence or two givng background about your hero (or villian), if you can (not required for entry).

Here's an example entry I just made up:

Stimme (Vermin Raiders)
Heedless: Whenever Stimme would need to make a pilot check, you may add 1 wound to this unit to automatically pass that pilot check.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/1/+3

By entering this contest, you grant Plaid Hat Games ownership of any text or unit idea you produce for the contest. Plaid Hat Games employees and their immediate families are not eligible but can still post an entry for fun.

Enter below! And pre-order Tail Feathers on the PlaidHatGames.com store today to get $15 off the retail price and a free Mice and Mystics Lost Chapter!


Jormi_Boced commented:

Splorer Downwood Militia
Reconnaissance: If you activate Splorer first and move with him, but do not attack, you can peek at your opponent's mission token.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/2/1/+2

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Ino commented:

Nib (Vermin Raiders)
Robbery: Whenever Nib would deal melee damage, you may prevent any amount of that damage to instead steal that much cheese from its controller's cheese wheel.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus 2/2/2/+1

Posted on 2015-09-15.

cinaen commented:

Jertsu (Downwood Militia)
Sigsag flyer: Disregarding tilt Jertsu can fly turning which direction he wants. Lose 1 wound.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/1/2/+2

Posted on 2015-09-15.

jbmoby commented:

Pike (Vermin Raiders)
Javelin Throw: Pike uses his ranged attack value instead of his melee attack value when resolving Swoop Attacks.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/2/+1

Posted on 2015-09-15.

jsmkd commented:

Tim (Vermin Raiders)
Reckless: If Tim has 2 enemy birds in attack range add 1 to melee and Range.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/2/1/+3

Tim is a bit odd for a rat but Loves to fight and will take on as many opponents as he can.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

ShotgunCaribou commented:

Kaz (Vermin Raiders)
Berserker: After performing a swoop attack, Kaz may add one wound to perform an additional melee attack against a single target of the swoop attack.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/1/3/+0

Heavily armed, lightly armoured, and frothing mad. Kaz can't help but get up close and personal in a fight.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Caleb commented:

Sherra (Downwood Militia)
Tiny: Sherra's small size allows her to transport another ally behind her while riding her mount.
(Sheera is a young mouse who has always wanted to go on adventures of her own. She was scoffed at by the older mice, until she showed her proficiency as a bird rider that is. Sherra is a mouse who has been able to ride many birds because of their trust in her and her diminutive size allowing them to fly as it unhindered.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

demon_llama commented:

(Vermin Raiders)
Rat Scamp Pilot
Sewer Rat: if Fol'Rattus is perched in a tree when a Siege mission is Assigned (and remins for the entire turn) and at least 2 Rat Squad Figures survive the mission, you may place Fol'Rattus and his Mount within Close Range of any tree and return 2 Rat Squad figures to their Home Nest. All other Rat Squad Figures Siege as normal.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/0/2/+3

Posted on 2015-09-15.

blkdymnd commented:

Skrawk (Vermin Raiders)
Bandit King: When Skrawk comes into contact with a flying unit, instead of normal death spiral rules, perform a death spiral with only the pilots melee values. Skrawk hits on *sword* *sword/shield*, Skrawk's opponent hits on *sword/shield* only.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 4/0/3/+1

Skrawk, terror of the skies, specializes in finding an unwary target. He then uses his skills as a veteran pilot and bandit to get close and jump on his opponents bird, trying to eliminate the pilot first-hand.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

jtberman commented:

Dara (Downwood Militia)
Instruct: Add 1 die to any attack roll made by a friendly pilot within range of Dara
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/1/2/+2

Dara has long been the educator of the young mice cadets in the militia. Whenever her former pupils are in danger, she's quick to rush into battle to lend a paw. While not much of a fighter herself, her strength lies in her ability to remind her charges of the lessons they learned in class long ago.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Centaur commented:

Coreffan (Downwood Militia)
Bargaining Chip: Coreffan may give cheese to the opponent to avoid wounds to any team member (one cheese per wound). This ability may not be used if the opponent's cheese wheel is full.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/1/2/+1

Coreffan is well aware of the vermin's greed and knows a little bribe can go a long way to further his plans.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

jsmkd commented:

Tim (Vermin Raiders)
Reckless: If Tim has 2 enemy birds in attack range add 1 to melee and Range.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/2/1/+3

Tim is a bit odd for a rat but Loves to fight and will take on as many opponents as he can.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

hjtolbert commented:

Brutus (Vermin Raiders)
Blood-thirsty: After rolling a melee attack, Brutus may suffer a wound to change a miss to a hit.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 4/0/2/+3

Brutus and his methods are considered extreme even by his compatriots, but there's no denying that he gets the job done.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Convoy_Avenger commented:

Scrum (Vermin Raiders)
Blood Lust (Or Tail Hunter): Whenever Scrum defeats an opponents squad unit, add 1 to his Melee value for the rest of the game. (This ability stacks)
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/1/2/+3

Scrum believes trophies are a representation of strength, In his case, he's not wrong.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Lester commented:

Tweak (Vermin Raiders)
Reckless: Before moving Tweak, you may add 1 wound to this unit to add 1 to it's movement.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/2/1/+3

Tweak is a terrifying taskmaster. He pushes his bird to the limit, not caring for their wellbeing. All that matters to him is hunting his prey.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

TomoRobo commented:

Featherhopper (Downwood Militia)(mouse w/gliding wings)
Feather Hop: If Featherhopper begins near or encounters a feather or loose leaf during their movement, she may make an additional "glide" to another feather or leaf within range of the range finder. Replace the destination object with Flick's model.
Flick (Hummingbird)
Converge:If Flick crosses a flying enemy during a Featherhop, immediately drop a feather at her base and engage in Death Spiral with an additional +1 attack dice.
Raised deep in the Downwood, Feather fashioned gliding wings after the flying squirrels. She's ccompanied by Flick, a lightning fast hummingbird, yet too small for mouse riders. So Feather spends more time gliding alongside her companion than she does riding her, with Flick often boosting her to help her stay airborne. Working in tandem, the duo often approach from opposite sides. While one distracts the other searches for weak points.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

CupidsArt commented:

Fletching (Downwood Militia)
Counter Weave: At the beginning of your activation phase you may spend 3 cheese or inflict 1 wound to adjust your tilt by 1. Resume the rest of the turn as normal.

She's never been one for safety, and it won't be a Raider that'll take her out of the sky. The only thing that is for certain when it comes to Fletching is that her sights are set on trouble.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Carmen commented:

Krick (Vermin Raiders)
Krick the cricket always has one trick left up his sleeves.
Winged escape: Krick does not become a casualty when his bird is downed. Instead, he uses his own wings to flutter to the nearest branch, where he becomes a ground unit.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

BTBAM commented:

Crumbles (Downwood Militia)

Melody: If Crumbles is in range of an opponent's bird, he may spend a cheese to perform a piloting check with 1 die. If it is successful, he may tilt that bird.


'Ever since the castle that song has haunted Crumbles. In this day, though, that song just might be the Downwood Militia's saving grace.'

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Nafmi commented:

Echo (Downwood Militia) (Rat Convert)

Radar: During combat you may spend cheese to flip Echo’s or an opponent’s die to its opposite side. You can spend a maximum of three cheese.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/2/3/2

Echo was born blind, and being a rat, his mother discarded him as useless and too much of a burden. He was found by Greystare an elderly bat, who taught Echo too see using sound. After Greystare passed away, Echo was found by a patrolling unit of the Downwood militia, who captured him. Echo was able to convince them eventually that he wasn’t their enemy, and when the attacks started soon proved his worth.

Echo seems to have the uncanny ability, to predict what his opponents will do. Leveraging his radar-like ability he detects their movements and can respond accordingly.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Coligill commented:

(Downwood Militia)
Hedgehog Warrior Pilot

Piercing Parry: If Quinn rolls a shield when defending against a melee attack, he may spend a cheese to inflict one unblockable wound

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/0/1/+4

The weak eyesight and slow reflexes of a hedgehog make quinn an unlikely choice as a pilot, but those who made the mistake of coming too close to him can testify to his wrath

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Campistron commented:

Pozzo (Vermin Raiders)
Looter : Remove 1 cheese from your opponent's wheel each time Pozzo performs a swoop attack.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/2/3/+2

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Zwierzakov commented:

Rev (Downwood Militia) the little but famous smuggler
Evasive manuever: When defending count every dice with * as a shield.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus 1/2/4/+1

Little but smart and cunning Rev made his name by smuggling gourment cheese from lands far away. He is know as fastest and most agile pilot in woodlands. He escaped many bandits or border patrols. But one time at night run he crushed and got wounded badly. Downwood Militia found him and took care of him. As a payback he decided to join their cause and serve them best he can. Maybe he is not a born fighter but his slinghshot and natural talent for flying make him great wingman.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

rharbold commented:

The Red Vermin (Vermin Raiders)
Barrel Roll: When the Red Vermin becomes engaged in a death spiral, you may roll a dice. On a *, you may cancel that death spiral and shift the Red Vermin sideways by one short movement track.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus 2/1/3/+3

A mysterious rodent hero that the elder mice speak of only in hushed whispers. Famous (or infamous) in leading many devastating aerial acorn assaults on the peaceful mice in days gone by. His resurfacing after such a long absence can only bode trouble for the mice.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Classicsmiley commented:

Burrlap (Mercenary) (Mole)

Worm Wrap: If Burrlap is in range of a small pilot or small ground figure, he may perform a piloting check. If successful, that figure is immobilized.
If Burrlap is in close range, the immobilization is automatic.

Even though he's a mole, Burrlap never actually liked being underground much. He found more and more reasons to venture to the surface, fascinated by the wide world, and especially the creatures that flew above it. After much trial and error, Burrlap developed a snare made from earthworms that he could use to tangle small birds and other creatures.
These days he's happy to use his skills for anyone who will let him fly...

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Chief commented:

Furg (Vermin Raiders)
Regenerate: If Furg is not in a death spiral when activated you may spend one cheese to remove one wound marker from his card. When Furg moves from your causality pile to your home nest you may place one cheese onto your wheel, if able.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/2/2/+3

Furg always seems to be hungry. He has also been known to hide cheese from the others, unless the battle gets extremely dire.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Roderic_Cliche commented:

"Chubbs" (Downwood Militia)
Extra Weight: During the Tilt Phase, you may spend 1 Cheese from your Cheese Wheel to tilt the bird that Chubbs pilots an extra time.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/1/2/+2

Not the most agile or skilled in combat, the mouse born Egbert but known to all as "Chubbs" makes up for his inadequacies with a supply of snacks and a heft of his girth.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

tristak commented:

"Emma" (Downwood Militia: Unique Turtle Pilot)
Shell Armor: Add 1 to Emma's mount's defense value, but reduce its speed by 1 (to a minimum of 1)
Melee: 2 Range: 1 Pilot: 1 Life: 3

Emma has long taken residence with the mice of Downwood, so when the vermin began raiding, she repaid their hospitality by joining their defense militia. While her shell offers some protection, it also weighs down her bird mount. Armed with her shell, a hammer, some magical abilities(and a cute little bow on her head), she rides into battle.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

ieshadow commented:

Nessa (Downwood Militia)
Fast Strike: After a successful Melee attack, You may pay 1 cheese. If you do, Nessa makes 1 movement action and her target becomes rattled.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/0/3/+3

Nessa was a a pilot from a far off forest where the mice lived in the trees with Barn swallows in harmony. They worked together to protect and raise their families. In their city, a Mouse would grow with a Swallow as a companion and partner. Often when a Bird or mouse would fall, they would never find a new companion. Nessa's companion that she grew and flew with was Sorch, a strong fast bird. Training together they were inseparable and loved to engage enemies and take off before they knew what hit them.
During a raid of Black birds, a Rook engaged the duo. Nessa took its eye, but it took Sorch's life.
That day Nessa vowed to seek revenge on the Rook and fashioned a cloak from her companion's tail feathers as she buried him, and set out after the Dark Murderer.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

surferlantern20 commented:

Baldwin (Downwood Militia)
Valiant Protector: Add 1 to Baldwin's defense if he is transporting a friendly unit, Add 1 to Baldwin's attack if he is within close range of a friendly unit.

Sword Proficiency

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/1/3/+2

As Captain of the Acorn Knights, Baldwin fearlessly and faithfully fights to defend his brothers and those unable to defend themselves.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

giuseppe commented:

Rookie (Downwood Militia)
Incompetent pilot: During activation you must always make a piloting check, and you must change your tilt when you are successful. When you build a flight path, you can not choose the size of templates. Instead, in order, you roll a die for each one. If a star is rolled then you get a long, otherwise you get a short.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/3/1/+3

Pandora, Miz Maggie niece, is around Collin's age. She was living in the castle and she wasn't an ordinary girl, but looked like and behaved more like a boy. She was tall with big shoulders and extraordinary strong, a fearsome girl. Pandora grew amongst soldiers and learned to handle weapons. However, her biggest dream was to ride a dragon. Until...she too became a mouse in sorrow and remembrance. Living, now, on Downwood she made her dream come true, became a bird pilot. Although she is tough when fighting, she is a total disaster as a pilot. Yet, Pandora thinks she is the best pilot around

Posted on 2015-09-15.

Tahrirfima commented:

Old Madge (Downwood Milita)
Air Support: Add 1 to Madge's attack value when she is flying and attacks enemy figures on a tree on which friendly figures are present but outnumbered.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/1/3/+2
Proficiencies: Magic, Mechanical

Madge lives in a gnarled oak tree on the edge of town, and is one of Downwood's oldest and most mysterious inhabitants. Don't be fooled by her frail appearance and reclusiveness. She is clever, spry and fierce, and will fight like blazes to defend her young folk if they are ever in danger.

Posted on 2015-09-15.

HyenaSpotz commented:

Dawn (Downwood Militia)
Composure: If Dawn's bird would receive 1 or more wounds as the result of a death spiral, you may pay 1 cheese to prevent 1 of those wounds.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/1/2/+1

"Dawn could stare down a cat, and her bird could do the same. Thankfully cats can't fly, right?"

Posted on 2015-09-15.

casp3365 commented:

Cloe (Downwood Militia)
Cute: The bird Cloe is flying on get +1 defence. If it defends all hits, it gets 1 cheese
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/2/+2

"I don't know how I ended here, but I'll take it as an adventure!"

Posted on 2015-09-16.

Carto commented:

Tip (Downwood Militia)
Master Fettswillow’s Song: instead of attacking, Tip can throw his glow-worm pet at an opponent.
Until the glow-worm token is on that opponent, they’re distracted: whenever Tip attacks them, the first shield they roll when defending is ignored.

"Beautiful glow-worm, shimmer, shimmer!"

Posted on 2015-09-16.

thenightsshadow commented:

Mig (Vermin Raiders)
Tenacious: When Mig would be defeated, you may remove 3 Cheese from your Cheese Wheel. If you do, remove 2 Wound Markers from Mig.

"I tink mice don't know how hard it is to be a rat. We fight to survive; it's da one skill we rats carry with us to da grave."

Posted on 2015-09-16.

knucklehead commented:

Mannock (Downwood Militia)
Ace of Aces: Mannock may spend one or more cheese to change his tilt one position per cheese spent at any time during his movement step.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 4/1/3 +2

Named after the highest scoring British Ace of Aces, Mannock lives for the thrill of the death spiral.

Posted on 2015-09-16.

Zeebeest commented:

Piro (Vermin Raiders)
Let it burn!: all Piro's attacks count as fire (flaming) attacks!

Melee/Ranged/Pilot/Life bonus: 2/2/1/+1

"Foolz, da best way to take an enemy nest is to burn da whole thing!!!... Whahahah... See all those little lights.... Whahahaha..."

Posted on 2015-09-16.

Mattymoo commented:

Scorcher (Vermin Raiders)
Fireball: When rolling ranged combat dice, each burst symbol may be applied as either: 2 fire damage defended as normal or 1 regular damage that cannot be countered.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/2/2/+3

Scorcher is a vermin spellcaster who would see the Downwood burn before drawing his last breath. The left side of his face is scared as a result of a mistimed fireball.

Posted on 2015-09-16.

niwre1972 commented:

Nibor (Vermin Raiders)
acidssin, unique Ant bomber
Acid rain: Only when Nibor is in close-range of an enemy unit; instead of normal attacking, Nibor shoots a biting Ant-acid out of his body on the enemy unit, causes 1 poisonwound and -1 defense for the remainder of the game for that unit.

melee/range/pilot/lifebonus: 2/2/1/+3
profficiency: sword.

"Normally Ants use acid to scare away intruders, i use it to kill'n burn, and i like the smell of it!"

Although Nibor is not a frequent, high qualified flyer, his effect wil be nasty if his enemies losing their defense and are weakened by poison.

Posted on 2015-09-16.

dhacke commented:

Hawoosh(Vermin Raiders)

Dive By: If Hawoosh performs a Swoop Attack, any enemy figures that are crossed prior to the Swoop Attack result in damage only to the enemy, and no Death Spiral can occur. Hawoosh can spend one cheese to make a piloting check; on a success one crossed enemy figure is now also Rattled.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/1/2/+2

Hawoosh likes to fly high and then plunge quickly with a loud yell, scaring other pilots as she dives past them on her way to attacking a ground target.

Posted on 2015-09-16.

Targanth commented:

Thystle - Downwood Militia
Seat of the Pants. If Thystle's bird is at left or right tilt, Thystle can pay 2 cheese to fly it opposite to the direction that is indicated.

Thystle has learned that if she shifts her weight correctly, she can influence her bird to change course. Over time, she has become an tricky pilot.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/1/3/+2

Posted on 2015-09-16.

ZettianJuggernaut commented:

Dirk (Vermin Raiders)
Overextend: When making a normal melee attack with Dirk and after rolling dice for this attack, you may add 1 wound marker to this unit card. If you do, you may re-roll any or all dice. You must keep the second result.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/1/2/+1

Bio: While Dirk soars through the sky, battered from his last fight, he catches sight of a group of Oakgaurds on a leaf as he passes them, he turns around to take them out. As he comes back around the Oakguards spot him and take aim, even Dirk knows it doesn't look good, but he was commissioned by Snag himself to never lose a battle, no matter the cost...

Posted on 2015-09-16.

oldschoolgamr commented:

Stank (Vermin Raiders)
Incite Molting: Whenever Stank takes damage (or becomes Rattled due to an attack) while riding a bird, he can choose to become Rattled (if not currently Rattled) and Incite Molting. If he does, all Pilots within range of his bird become Rattled and all birds (including Stank's) immediately lose a Tail Feather, if possible.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus 2/1/2/+3

Bio: Stank comes from a long line of unhygienic rat hooligans. His stench is known for knocking pilots clear out of the sky, depending on which way the wind is blowing. Friends and Foes best beware when the pungent Stank is in the air!

Posted on 2015-09-16.

Cyan commented:

Bramble - Downwood Militia (Hedgehog)

The quill is sharper then the sword: When attacked in melee, roll a dice on a star the attacker suffers one wound instead of you.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus 1/3/1/+3

Bramble had the bad habit of plucking out his quills when he was bored. One day he witnessed a archery tournament and fell in love with the sport. Now he uses his almost unlimited barbed quill ammo on the Vermin Raiders to protect his forest home.

Posted on 2015-09-16.

robtryb commented:

'Tubby' Belcher - (Vermin Raiders)

Hungry: +4 Pilot skill while he has no cheese, while he has no cheese none of his attacks score hits
(if he gains cheese through attack or defence, place 1 segment on his card, this can not be used for powers - only eaten [discarded]).

Perhaps he can also steal cheese when passing through other characters, friend or foe (taking double damage)

"Stop trying to eat the saddle Tubby!"

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus 4/0/0/+3

Tubby was born hungry. Unpredictable and useless in a fight without food, no one lays a hand on his Monterey Jack!

Posted on 2015-09-16.

Torfkopp commented:

Avelana the dormouse (Downwood Militia)

Hazelnut granade: If you inflict at least one wound during a ranged attack, the target receives an 'On Fire' marker. (Ace rank: All figures on the same space (or leaf) like the wounded figure receive an 'On Fire' marker.)

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/2/2/+2
bullseye and magic proficiencies
4 build points

Avelana is hazel dormouse, who was captured far away from the Downwood forest and brought to the castle as a birthday present for young Prince Collin. The Prince, however, didn't like the idea of having a pet and set Avelana free. Ever Since, the foreign dormouse had to survive the dangers of the Downwood forest on her own - good that she knows how to swing her hazelnut club!

Posted on 2015-09-16.

Ravenchild commented:

Hookmaw (vermin raiders)

Sneer: when Hookmaw is normal attacked by a figure in close range, that attacker rolls 1 less dice.

Melee/range/pilot/bonus life 3/1/1/2

Gnarled teeth contorted the rat's lips as they twisted into a smile. The Oakguard mouse knew then the futility of his actions. Fear grasp him as every strike was deflected. The vicious looking rat let out a curdling laugh as he dispacted the terrified mouse, "hahaha, tell da devil it was Hookmaw who send ya."

Posted on 2015-09-16.

abelkok commented:

Outcast the Odious (Militant)
Sluggish: Whenever Odious would attack, only a * with Sword (for melee) or a * with Bow (for range) counts as successful hits. Also, when others were to attack it, it is counted as an automatic hit.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/3/2/+5
Odious was not born a fighter but one who chose to join in the fight after being tormented in life. A matter of necessity; an alternative to a better life. Life is short, let’s not make it any shorter!

Posted on 2015-09-16.

Madman commented:

Nicolas "Knack" (Downwood Militia)

Crow-Clever: Whenever rolling dice, Nicolas may re-roll a number of his or his enemy's dice equal to the amount of cheese pieces in your wheel. The second rolled result must be accepted. Remove one cheese for using this ability.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/2/2/+2
(Multiple proficiencies, as many as possible)

As a young mouse pup, silvery Nicolas was often mistook as a shiny bauble in the tall grass, garnering much attention from the local Magpies, Rooks, and other Corvidae. These many many interactions with such shrewd pursuers have since left quite an impression on him. As such Knack has not only become an impressive pilot, but quite the jack(daw) of all trades on the battlefield. Either through luck or wit, Nicolas always seems to have "the knack" at turning a bad situation into a good one.

Posted on 2015-09-16.

Bluesunshine505 commented:

Ariane the Agile (Downwoond Mitlita)
Swerve: Spend 2 cheese to place a flight track marker in the opposite direction of your tilt. If you do you can not attack with this unit until next turn unless you control the first player nut.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus:2/2/4/3

Ariane was a one of the greatest warriors and most agile but she had much difficulty using both a the same time.

Posted on 2015-09-16.

killercactus commented:

Divebomb (Vermin Raiders)

Kamikaze: When a bird piloted by Divebomb makes a Swoop Attack, do not roll dice. Instead, place a number of Wound Markers on the target equal to the number of dice that would've been rolled, and then destroy that bird and Divebomb.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/1/1/+2

Not much is known about the rat called Divebomb, except the stories. It's told that if you look up from your tree and see him flying on a bird in the sky, he'll rocket towards you with malice in his eyes like a missile and leave nothing but pure devastation. But if that's so.... where do the stories come from?

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Loutky commented:


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fredderf commented:

Vilicus (Vermin Raiders)
Relentless: After Vilicus makes an attack roll against an enemy you may inflict one wound to Vilcus to ignore up to 2 'Block dice'.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/2/1/+4

Vilicus is a bloodthirsty fighter, but fairly new to the flying game. He loves being up close and personal with his prey regardless of the odds.

Posted on 2015-09-17.

Loutky commented:

Muridae- Downwood Militia

Boomerang hop kick-Muridae leaps mid air from his saddle toward an enemy target- kicks hard and fast... Bouncing him back to his ride... The enemy target is kicked off course and turned away from Muridae and his bird. Enemy target pilot misses 1 turn.
Cost; 3 cheese Malee attack

Muridae is a "spinifex hopping mouse" - a native of australia. His quiet and shy nature is offset by his lightning speed and surprising agility. Ironbark the kookaburra is his ride of choice... A tank of a bird that is a stealthy agressor.

Posted on 2015-09-17.

Shr1k13 commented:

Lucas (Downwood Militia)

Quick Wits: After tilts have been declared but before the Determining Intiative step, Lucas can spend 4 cheese to take the First Player Nut. If this occurs then proceed to the Activate Units step and continue play. (This ability cannot be used two rounds in a row).

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus:1/2/2/+2

“Oh I see what you did there. But are you ready for this?”

Lucas is a mouse who has always been interested in learning. Now that he has joined the Militia in defense of his home, Lucas studies his opponents as closely as he studied his books. He is always looking for mistakes and tells to help him gain the upper hand against his opponents.

Posted on 2015-09-17.

Chiken Bird commented:

Mother (Vermin Raiders)

Queen of rot and poison: Whoever "Mother" rides Melee attacks become poisonous.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/1/1/1

"Mother" is an old female rat who's age has been forgotten. Despite the coming and going of various ambitious rat leaders, Mother has always been there to provide advice, and the occasional vial of poison.

Posted on 2015-09-17.

abelkok commented:

Outcast the Odious (Militant)
Sluggish: Whenever Odious would attack, only a * with Sword (for melee) or a * with Bow (for range) counts as successful hits. Also, when others were to attack it, it is counted as an automatic hit.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/3/2/+5
Odious was not born a fighter but one who chose to join in the fight after being tormented in life. A matter of necessity; an alternative to a better life. Life is short, let’s not make it any shorter!

Posted on 2015-09-17.

Emaharg commented:

Skitter (Downwood Militia) (Flying Mouse)

Reflex - spend 1 cheese from the minion wheel to dodge an incoming ranged attack. 1 cheese for each attack Skitter is dodging.

Melee/Ranged/Pilot/Life Bonus :- 3/0/3/1

Skitter has trained his reflexes so that he is always ready for incoming ranged attacks, ever since he was betrayed by his once best friend. Now Skitter gets up close and personal to deal with his foes.

Posted on 2015-09-17.

Steamtech commented:

Yeddick (Downwood Militia)

Dye-shot: When a ranged attack from Yeddick would inflict 1 or more wounds on an enemy unit, it inflicts no wounds. For the rest of the turn, the attacked enemy rolls -X defense dice, with X being the number of wounds the attack would have dealt.

Melee/Ranged/Pilot/Life Bonus :- 1/3/2/1

Called "Painter" by some, Yeddick's missiles of powders and juices rarely cause harm, but his allies find the newly-fluorescent targets easy pickings.

Posted on 2015-09-18.

NuminaInfuscata commented:

Fera Lorfrind [Downward Miltia]

Seeing Red: After making a successful melee attack with Fera, you may spend 2 cheese to make another attack against the same enemy.

Melee/Ranged/Pilot/Life Bonus :- 3/1/2/1

Raised alone, in the wilds, after his family were slain by Vermin Raiders, Fera's grew to embrace his anger and channel it into his instrument of vengeance.
Fera is an older mouse who found the Militia by chance, initially mistaking them for Vermin. After running low on energy, he realised his error and joined the Militia with a shared goal; removing the Vermin Raiders!

Posted on 2015-09-18.

bishopking commented:

Bilge [Vermin Raiders]

Anchors Away--during a death spiral if bilge rolls a sword* he may take a wound to breaks away from the death spiral. his opponent must roll a * or continue to death spiral.

A reaver on a sailing ship. Bilge was plucked from the deck by a hunger maddened seagull, and carried to his doom, but Bilge fought the great bird with Tooth and Claw. The Seagull, taken aback by Bilge's ferocity, succumbed to Bilge's attacks, and now carries Bilge across the skies to loot and plunder.

Posted on 2015-09-18.

niconico789 commented:

Frig(Downwood Militia)

Lullaby:Spend 3 cheese to sing and enemy to sleep making him skip his next turn.

Death's Harmony:When an enemy is asleep any sword* roll counts as 2 hits

Melee/Ranged/Pilot/Life Bonus:2/1/2/2

As a young mouse Frig's mother would sing her to sleep every night. One night a band of vermin raiders attacked her village. Frig's mother hid her and ran out to meet the rats. When the battle was over Frig found her mother who whispered to her to never forget her sound. Frig buried her, picked up her lute and fastened a blade to the top. She vowed that her song would be the last any rat would ever hear.

Posted on 2015-09-18.

Monty4 commented:

Keelan (Downwood Militia)

Mystic Perception: When defending from a ranged attack, any bow, or bow* rolled can be re-rolled; when defending from a melee attack, any sword* rolled can be re-rolled; when making a piloting check, if no * is rolled, you may re-roll one die. For each of these, you must keep the second result.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 0/3/3/+1
Proficiencies: Magic, Shield

Growing up in the wild, young, wiry Keelan learned to draw upon the mystic energies of the forest to gain Extrasensory Perception. He forms a low-level telepathic bond with his bird to the point where he doesn’t require reigns to direct it, and says that a saddle only hinders his ability to concentrate. Choosing instead to kneel atop his mount, Keelan can move as one with his bird, using Clairvoyance to anticipate incoming attacks in order to deflect or dodge them.

“What the blazes... how does he not fall off that thing?” – Mouse of the Oakguard

Posted on 2015-09-18.

mmkhos01 commented:

Patches (Vermin Raider)

Razzle and Dazzle: when within melee range but not in a death spiral, make a ranged attack roll to jump onto the back of the enemy bird, remove one grudge token, deal 2 damage and stun the other rider. If the rider would lose all hit points, they are thrown from their bird, and their bird becomes disoriented for 2 turns before it can be controlled again.

Melee / Range / Pilot / Life bonus: 2/2/3/+0

Posted on 2015-09-19.

TwoPointOh commented:

Name: Parasitic Goliath Birdeater
Ability Name: (Not a mouse but a spider)
Spider controls bird flight to short distance only but increasing damage. If s target enemy received 3+ damage this turn from PGB, a check to control target enemy is made. Current bird dies and is removed from the game.

Posted on 2015-09-19.

kalrhin commented:

Name: Hoban Washburne (Downwood Militia)
Ability Name: Leaf on the Wind

For the purposes of drifting leaves, Hoban may count as 0, 1, or 2 figures. Determine after the action die is rolled. Hoban still counts as one figure for the total number of figures that can be on a leaf

Flavor text: I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar
Melee / Range / Pilot / Life : 1/2/3/0

This is an obvious reference to Wash character in the series Firefly. This is a must have for a game like this!

By the way, I am not a lawyer or rules expert, but if the name and image is too close to the Firefly series then we clearly need to tweak the name....but the essence should be that

Posted on 2015-09-19.

Duelistofages commented:

Xander (Downwood Militia)
Aerobatics: Tail Feathers do not block your line of sight and when you move through them you don't remove them or get rattled.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/2/+1

Even from birth Xander has loved flying. And through all his practicing with willing birds, he became expertly skilled in avoiding obstacles. Now in the time of need he will couples his proficiency at shooting with his skill at flying to take shots from angles and places other, less-skilled people, would say were completely blocked.

Use Xander to pursue fleeing enemies, and pound them with your arrows. When the path gets rough with all the tail feathers you'll forcing onto the battlefield, it only serves to help Xander by disrupting any attempts at a counter attack.

Posted on 2015-09-19.

WoodenRabbitB commented:

Twitch (Downwood Militia)
Carve: When placing a long "flight End Template" you may spend 1 cheese to make a piloting check to change the tilt of Twitch's bird and therefore change the final Maneuver Point. (If the piloting check fails no change is made to the flight path or the tilt.)
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/2/3/1

"Twitch? Yeah, he sees all the angles, in everything. Don't roll back alley dice with the likes of him!" - Fleeced Oakguard.

Posted on 2015-09-19.

Jarb2104 commented:

Name: Ed Rost (Vermin Raiders)

Cheese Fuel: Before rolling for initiative choose one, Meele or Range, for the rest of the round Rost gains X on the selected stat, where X is the number of dice used for Initiative.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: -1/-1/3/+2

Also known as rusted, he never was strong, but he was very intelligent and wise, perhaps to intelligent and wise for his own sake, reassuring to himself he was on the right side of the matter, growing up he learned to create tools and weapons to use in his advantage, now he has honed his skills learning when is time to strike and make it count.

"I wise man uses his knowledge to gain power" -Rusted

Posted on 2015-09-19.

Havok121780 commented:

Name: Morwena (Vermin Raiders, female)

Victory Shriek: When Morwena defeats an opponent, she may immediately Rattle any target within her line-of-sight.

Few know the full tale of Morwena the Furyrider. Although her fur has started to grey and she has lost an eye to a particularly vicious flying squirrel, she is as dangerous as ever (be it in battle, or in love.)

Posted on 2015-09-19.

joshuag commented:

Name: Davit (Downwood Militia)

Resourceful: Receives 1 additional cheese token every time he acquires cheese. When he defeats an opponent he may steal 1 cheese, only if there is another target within line of sight.

Posted on 2015-09-19.

Vax commented:

Macin (Downwood Militia)
Bolster: Whenever Macin successfully hits with a melee attack, the next ally unit to attack gains +1 to melee or ranged attack for one round.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/1/3/+3

Posted on 2015-09-20.

thetobler05 commented:

Popo (Downwood Militia)
Flying Ace: Add 1 cheese to your wheel whenever Popo rolls at least 2 [stars] when making a piloting check.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/2/3/+1

"Two things I love: The wind at my back and good cheese."

Posted on 2015-09-20.

Aeneades commented:

Foul Baldrick (Vermin Raiders)
Repulsive: Tied Death Spirals are treated as a win with the opposing unit receiving 2 wounds.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/2/3/+0

Afflicted with the Dreadmound Blight, Baldrick has been reduced to a shadow of the mighty warrior he once was. To hold his own in the skies he must rely upon his extensive battle experience and his secret weapon, coating himself in Dreadmound filth, which repulses any attacker who gets too close.

Posted on 2015-09-20.

Wahoffelmadenga commented:

Llygoden (Downwood Militia)
Ambush: When taking part in a group attack, including sweep attacks, always use Llygoden's ranged attack score, even when the attack is at close range.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/3/+0

(Llygoden is the Welsh word for mouse and medieval Welsh military tactics revolved around guerilla warfare and short range hit and run attacks using bows.)

Posted on 2015-09-20.

Dreaded-Inn-Tent commented:

Ardor (Vermin Raiders)

Fiery Wake:
During his activation, Ardor may attempt to set in-range tail feathers ablaze at the cost of one cheese per feather. Roll one die for each feather. On a * result the feather catches fire
(indicate with on fire marker) and is immediately flipped so that the 3-notch side is face up. In addition to becoming rattled, a crossing figure receives the feather's On fire marker. Feathers are removed from play as per the usual rules.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/2/+2

Ardor is truly obsessed with fire. Using his flaming arrows and marksmanship skills he seeks to wreak fiery havoc in battle.

Posted on 2015-09-20.

igarra commented:

Wolf (Downwood Militia)
Blitz : Once per game can double his movement for 3 cheese.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus : 2/2/2 +2

"where did he come from?"

Posted on 2015-09-20.

MajMalfunction commented:

Louie (Downwood Militia)
Unique Lemming Pilot
Fearless: Louie is completely fearless. Louie does not become Rattled when crossing branches or tail feathers.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus 2/2/2/+1

Louie the Lemming is the most fearless pilot in the skies. Louise has no sense of self preservation and will fling himself into danger constantly. As such, he has nerves of steel second to none.

Posted on 2015-09-20.

largefather commented:

Derth (Vermin Raiders)
Rake: Whenever Derth's flight path crosses an enemy flying figure you may make an immediate melee attack. You do not take wounds for crossing enemies flying models.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/1/2/+1

Posted on 2015-09-20.

Quimeradc commented:

Ozzy (Vermin Raiders)

Scorched: Ozzy can light himself on fire. While on fire he adds +1 to his melee attack value and can light his enemies on fire.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/1/2/+2

Ozzy is a mouse who was save from a fire by Snag and Grizzard. Since then he has sworn loyalty to his savior and ahs become fascinated by fire.

Posted on 2015-09-20.

Acuwa commented:

Xulion (Downwood Militia)

Fireproof: Xulion can't catch on fire.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus:2/3/2+2

His fire retardant coat and his all time coolness makes that he can't catch on fire!

Posted on 2015-09-20.

gatha commented:

Cuculidae(Vermin Raiders)
Daring Leap: If Cuculidae would win a Death Spiral against a wounded opponent, he may knock off the opposing rider and take control of that bird. His previous mount is removed from the game (alternate: the mount is treated as a neutral unit that attacks the nearest target at the end of every round).

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 4/0/3/+2

Posted on 2015-09-20.

Duciris commented:

Tuft (Downwood Militia)

Evasive: If you have been attacked and did not take damage from that attack at least once this round, Tuft may perform a bonus tilt at the start of his activation.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/2/2/+1

Posted on 2015-09-20.

spacecase90 commented:

Liadain (Downwood Militia)

Trick Shot: Whenever an aly enters a death spiral, Liadain may spend 2 cheese to make a ranged attack on the enemy unit.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/2/+2

As a one time circus performer, the "Grey Lady" Liadain never imagined her skills would be put to such use.

Posted on 2015-09-20.

Alycat commented:

Downwood Militia

Slippery: When in a Death Spiral, if Jax rolls 3 shields, he may escape the Death Spiral, dealing one damage to the opponent.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/1/2/+2

"If there ever was a time to start being lucky, now would be it!"

Posted on 2015-09-20.

Fenriron commented:

Grim (Vermin Raiders)

Threaten: You may add one 'Regular' flight path to your movement. If you do take one wound. Cannot be Rattled.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life: 3/0/2/3

Cruelty is the only way Grim knows. He is unforgiving on his mount and himself a like. Built for combat he never shies away from a fight

Posted on 2015-09-20.

NDHurler55 commented:

Finn (Downwood Militia)

Hot-Headed : When Finn would receieve a Grudge token, gain an additional Grudge token.


Finn is the youngest mouse in the Downwood Militia flight program. It is for this reason, or possibly his short temper, that the rookie red-haired mouse often rushes headlong into skirmishes against those rotten vermin. Finn has a natural ability at handling his blue jay, but he will have to learn to work with his fellow mice if he wants to have a successful - and long - career as a mouse pilot.

Posted on 2015-09-20.

davesx commented:

Arnaud de Martes (Vermin Rader/Downwood Militia)

Arnaud can be hired by either side. He will initially side with the Vermin but if refused will take up arms with the Downwood Militia. Being a blood-eater (Fischer Cat) he takes his payment in life points. Once compensated the paid life points equals his overall health. Once he is "killed" he offers his services to the opponent for the original price or more.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life 1/3/2/?

Special Weapon Fleamed Arrows- on strike causes bloodloss.

Posted on 2015-09-20.

Narkon commented:

Blaize (Vermin Raiders)
Fire Arrow: Whenever Blaize would make a ranged attack, you may spend 1 cheese. If you do, and Blaize inflicts at least one wound during this attack, the target receives an 'On Fire' marker.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/3/2/+2

Proficiencies: Bullseye, Mechanical
Build points: 4

Blaize was always fascinated by the sight of dancing flames. After burning down a Downwood Militia outpost she was sent away and later joined the Vermin Raiders. As her new best friend, Staborah, always says to her, "If you can't burn your friends, burn your enemies".

Posted on 2015-09-21.

Summoner Bob commented:

Scootch - downwood militia
Ability: Trusting bond - This unit may tilt last during the tilt phase, even if you don't have the 1st player nut.
Meelee: 0/Ranged: 4/Pilot: 2/Life: 1
Being the runt of the litter Scootch was always an easy target for ridicule. Being weaker he spent much of his time growing up playing alone with a tiny homemade sling. Knocking over tiny bits of straw or rocks at a distance slowly became second nature. The other mice once played a prank on Scootch, tying his leg to a robin and sending it off flying. This uninvited "flight" sparked a new desire within him... the need for adrenaline! He then became obsessed with pushing his limits. It was only natural for him to eventually find his way onto the back of a bird in the downwood militia. Though small his dead aim was highly recognized. When recruited he said"If there is a chink in their armor i can SEE, there is a chink in their armor i can HIT!" and no one disputes that.

Posted on 2015-09-21.

md1982 commented:

Adana (Downwood Militia)

Guarded: Adana ignores one melee attack die.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus 2/1/2/+1

A scholar of history, Adana tells the tale of Icarus to young recruits. "Never fly too close to the sun, or you may suffer the same fate."

Posted on 2015-09-21.

ObsoleteThree commented:

Scat (Vermin Raiders)
Reckless Vengeance: Whenever Scat is engaged in a death spiral, he is given a wound at the start of combat and his attack is increased by 5.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/1/1/+4

Ever since a fallen bird crushed his sister, Scat has sworn vengeance on all opposing riders. Once he's in the air he throws away all reason and stops at nothing to fulfill his reckless vengeance.

Posted on 2015-09-21.

ugly1hornedmule commented:

Flea (Downwood Militia)

Tactical Navigation: Once during his birds movement Flea may make a pilot check after a template is placed to change his bird's tilt.

Melee/Ranged/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/2/3/+1

Posted on 2015-09-21.

Turtleman951 commented:

"Old Cod" (Downwood Militia)
Harpoon: after any successful attack against a bird, you may spend two cheese to tilt that bird.
Melee: 2 Ranged: 3 Pilot: 1 Life bonus +3

One day Old Cod washed up on the beach with no recollection of himself or his life. With his rusty, but trusty, harpoon in hand he took it upon himself to defend and maintain a nearby lighthouse, where he currently resides.

Posted on 2015-09-21.

bat395 commented:

Darvil (Vermin Raiders)

Fishtail: Spend two cheese to ignore the two template minimum and instead use a single (short or long) end point for your flight path.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/2/3/+2

Darvil quickly learned to control his birds to perform feats other pilots could not, but often at physical cost the birds themselves. Without much thought to a bird's well-being, Darvil will stop at nothing in his pursuit to be the best pilot in the Vermin Raider ranks.

Posted on 2015-09-21.

Red Squid commented:

"Pokey" (Downwood Militia)
Retract: Every turn, after the tilt phase, Pokey can retract inside his shield. This remains until the end of the next tilt phase.
While retracted, Pokey adds an automatic shield to his defense rolls. His melee attack rolls are down with one though. Furthermore, while retracted into his shell, Pokey is immune to receiving any statusses.
While retracted, Pokey cannot attempt a tilt change during it's activation.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/1/1/+3

Pokey was a small domestic marsh turtle, set free through a giant white porcelain portal. When he roamed the neighboorhood, he came across the Downwood Militia, who gladly befriended him, a possible resiliant fighter. Though he is quite tough, Pokey is also quite slow in mind, and in body.
Pokey proved to be a valuable warrior, with his hard shell, sharp claws and snapping beak, he has proved to have staying power in fights.

Posted on 2015-09-21.

Zanarax commented:

Invic Tuss (vermin Raiders)
Indomitable: When this unit takes a single point of damage you can spend 2 cheese to shrug off the damage. If damage total exceeds 1 you must take the full damage.
Immune to stunned and rattled effects.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/1/1/+3

Invic Tuss began his life very shy. He was teased and bullied for it. He became bitter and vengeful. His focus became clawing his way to the top of the food chain. Learning to take hits he terrorized his critics and became a tyrant to be reckoned with. Seeking top ranks, and matching the brutality the raiders sought, he was granted pilot status.

Posted on 2015-09-21.

demersadam commented:

GHOST (Vermin Raiders)
Vanish: Discard all your cheese to avoid taking damage this turn.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/1/+3

Posted on 2015-09-21.

Diceguy commented:

Wagoner (Downwood Militia)
Sigh of Relief: Wagoner may take one wound to end a death spiral.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/1/2/+2

Wagoner was a great fighter, but he just preferred not fighting all together. When he has no choice he grabs his trusty peppercorn flail "Pepper" and charges into battle.
"*Sigh* You shouldn't have messed with my friends." -Wagoner

Posted on 2015-09-21.

lpoulson33 commented:

Banshee (Downwood Militia)
Banshee Scream: When successful with a Star Ranged Attack, Banshee can force the opponent to repeat their last flight pattern.
Banshee loved watching the leaves and the wind patterns and after a time was able to pick out what the wind patterns would do to the leaves. Now he uses his mighty squeak to bend the air around oppoents birds to predict right where they will go.

Posted on 2015-09-21.

Rotbeard commented:

Gnive (Vermin Raiders)
Ambush Tactics: Add 1 to your total roll for Initiative. When you have the first player token, this unit gets +1 defense.

Gnive always loved hide and seek. One day, in a game gone horribly wrong, a wild cat found him and beat him around until he could escape. It cost him an ear and half a tail, but he learned a valuable lesson. Never stay in one place for too long, and always throw the first punch.

Posted on 2015-09-21.

ydna commented:

Arah (Downwood Milita)
Sky Dancer: Whenever an active enemy flying unit would cross Arah you may spend 1 cheese to roll a dice. On a * (star) any crossing effects, such as initiating a death spiral, are ignored and instead shift Arah 1 short flight in the tilt direction of your choice and then pivot Arah in any direction. Then, the crossing enemy unit receives 1 wound and its flight path continues as normal. Cannot be used if Arah is perched.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/2/2/+3

Ever since she was a tiny mouse pup there were two things Arah loved doing, practicing her dancing and watching with envy the birds that flew gracefully in the sky. Now, as a respected Militia pilot Arah joyfully combines her two cherished childhood past times in a most beautiful way.

Posted on 2015-09-21.

Raynilee commented:

Harlan (Downwood Militia)
Suggested figure = Snibble

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/2/1/1 (Rookie) Gear Proficiency
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/2/2/2 (Standard) Gear and Bow Proficiency

Smoke bomb
Instead of his normal attack, Harlan can drop a smoke bomb on enemy figures on a space within close range. The targeted figures must each roll a * or else become immobilized.

Harlan is a resident of the village of Meadowfen who volunteered to join the Downwood Militia after vermin forays into his vilage became impossible to ignore. Harlan is skilled at creating useful concoctions from the malodorous fumes that permeate the marshland around Meadowfen.

Posted on 2015-09-21.

Elium commented:

Skaggril (Vermin Raiders)

Instead of tilting, Skagrill may alter an opponents tilt by one after their tilt is revealed.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 3/1/3/1

Skaggril is a large, one-eyed mercenary mouse whose ferocity and piloting have made him renowned and feared. His allegiances run only as deep as their rewards. However, he is doggedly guided by his own moral code.

Posted on 2015-09-21.

soulbender commented:

Skata (Vermin Raiders)
Grappling hook: At right tilt, Skata can pick up a ground figure even at long range.
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/2/+2
With her clockwork right arm prosthesis, Skata can launch a grappling hook, allowing her to transport a ground figure even at the full length of the range finder.

Posted on 2015-09-22.

BaronVonTerror commented:

Ferthe (Downwood Militia)
2/2(+1)/2 Health: 3

Driven: Ferthe gains one attack power when assaulting a Raider nest.

Ferthe is a mouse driven by revenge. Once he was a carefree villager with nothing more on his mind than the love for his mate Shae and his mouseling Briley. One day while Ferthe was away foraging for food in the forest a party of raiders came across the family’s nest and carried Ferthe’s loved ones away. He searched high and low for months on end, enduring many close scrapes with the Vermin Raiders; but was never able to find his lost loves. With his purpose and the Downwood Militia’s aligned the mouse decided to enlist to be better equipped to fight the hated Raiders. He lives for one purpose, to hold Shae and Briley once again and never fail them a second time. He will search every rat nest, every encampment, every hole in every tree in the forest to find them.

Posted on 2015-09-22.

Tigbun commented:

Sanguine (Vermin Raiders)

Instead of using a Swoop attack you may remove Sanguine's bird figure and place it in the casualty pool. Then choose a branch space and place Sanguine there and a On Fire Status token on each figure in that space and two if it is a nest. Sanguine is now a Ground Unit. Replace Pilot skill with Defense.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/1/2

Sanguine is a shrew with many burn marks on whatever is not seen behind fire protective gear. Not much is known about Sanguine other than when they are near fire is soon to follow.

Posted on 2015-09-22.

ScarletSpinifex commented:

Daisy (Downwood Militia)

Hoarder: Daisy starts the game with 3 Tail Feathers on her card. Once per turn she may drop 1-3 feathers behind her figure. When she collides with a Tail Feather she may collect it and place it on this card, she is still rattled.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 2/2/1/+1

Daisy is a bit of an odd mouse. She collects feathers and often tries to tie them onto her fur or on her tail.

Posted on 2015-09-22.

Pennsman commented:

Tintil (Downwood Militia)
Momma Mouse: While Tintil is flying, rescue missions require only 1 figure currently in your mission box. When you resolve a rescue mission, place the rescued bird/pilot directly behind you, using the long end template.
Tintil is affectionally called Momma by all of the Downwood Militia. She has served for many years, and rarely takes to the skies these days. She treats each of the militia’s member as her own children, and never leaves a mouse (or bird) behind.

Posted on 2015-09-22.

jeorne commented:

Trevor the Tree Frog (Vermin Raiders)

Leap: Trevor starts the game as a ground troop, and can leap from the branches to take over piloting duties from a friendly pilot.

Whenever a friendly bird is within twig range, you can choose to make a piloting check for Trevor. If succesful, remove both the Trevor ground troop token and the pilot of the targeted bird. Discard half of the wounds suffered from that bird/pilot and replace the pilot by Trevor.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/2/2/+2

Posted on 2015-09-22.

SaintGup commented:

Flip (Downwood pilot)
Evasive Loop: Once per turn and if she is about to be attacked, Flip can make a pilot check and if successful can loop over and end up directly behind her pursuer with any facing and/or tilt. When she makes this manoeuver, she cannot attack as it takes all her concentration to do it. The trouble is if she fails she will take a wound and remains in front of her attacker but with any tilt/facing. She rides Nimble Jenny, a Swift.
Melee:1 Range:2 Pilot:2 Life:3
Although small, Nimble Jenny has 3 Defence as this reflects how hard she is to hit.
Flip is actually a vole who was taken in by the Downwood Troupe, a group of travelling Circus mice, after her family was chased off/slain by Rat Vermin. It was in the circus where she acquired the name Flip and was the only one daring enough to ride Nimble Jenny as she liked to loop and bank more than any other bird. Very much kindred spirits.

Posted on 2015-09-22.

Elpollo commented:

Bob the vicious (rat)
Ability name: Boom
Add 2 cheese to your wheekwhen Bob makes a melee attack that does at least 2 wounds to an enemy figure.

Background: Bob, forced to live in the sewers, dreams of flying free through the trees.

Posted on 2015-09-22.

ReverendPain commented:

Thistle (Downwood Pilot)
Melee 1/Range 2/Pilot 2/Life 2

Distraction: Thistle can make bird calls to confuse enemy birds within ranged distance, giving them a -1 to pilot skill as the distracted bird is hard to control.

Thistle always wanted to fly with the blue jays, but when she was saddled with a mocking bird she thought life was over. After her first flight she knew she had been wrong. The Grey Feather's aggressive attitude and ability to mimic other birds made it a great mount. Thistle soon learned to mimic as well, and she and Grey Feather became a formidable team.

Posted on 2015-09-22.

AaronR commented:

Sage (Chipmunk Downwood Pilot)
Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/3/+1

Avian Link: At the end of Sage's turn, she is able to tilt any bird in play in a direction of her choosing.

Sage knew she was different than those around her from the time she was born. Her parents always seemed slightly afraid of her and when she grew old enough to come into her ability to mentally link with other animals, she understood why. Fearing the censure of her community, she ran away as soon as she was old enough to take care of herself. Living alone in the wild she learned to survive and hone her bonding skills. One afternoon she was foraging and noticed a pack of mice riding on the backs of birds. Curious, having never seen anything like it before, she followed them to the Downwood Militia, where she was quickly accepted as a novice. Due to her unique magical talents, she advanced quickly, becoming one of the best pilots the Militia had ever seen.

Posted on 2015-09-22.

Parvizal commented:

Scourge(Vermin Rats)
Reckless: When Scourge is in a death spiral add 3 to his attack
Melee/Ranged/pilot skill/life bonus:
Scourge only Knows close combat. Fur ripping and eye poking close

Posted on 2015-09-22.

Hutch86 commented:

Spry (Downwood Militia)
Leaping Strike: add 1 to your melee attack if you ended Spry's last activation phase in melee range. (Except when in a Death Spiral)

Spry leaps to the villian's mount, striking hard before nimbly returning to his seat. His swift response is the only reason he is still alive.

Posted on 2015-09-22.

NinjaKnight commented:

Norian Grey (Downwood Pilot)

Mystic Blaze: Anytime Norian would deal 2 or more damage as a result of a ranged attack, instead of placing wound markers normally, you may instead place an "On Fire" Status token on the target.

Melee/Range/Pilot/Life Bonus: 1/3/3/+1

"Norian was still a young mouse when he first met Maginos. But with some careful tutelage, it wasn't long before he began to have a firm grasp on the mystic arts."

(I hope I'm not too late. It's 11:56 in my timezone. But with PHG in texas I should be good right?)

Posted on 2015-09-22.

SaintGup commented:

There are some wonderful ideas on here. What a bunch of mousey bird-brains you all are. I have to admit that one of my favourites is Thistle by Reverendpain. I enjoyed the little back story and love the deceptive ability. Mind you, there are so many maybe Plaid Hat could do Flight/Squad boxes as expansions?..please.

Posted on 2015-09-23.

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