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"The best way to predict the future is to create it." --Peter Drucker

The Prophet

How many times would I have to correctly predict what you choose before you start to question your ability to choose it? If every time you turn a corner, The Prophet is already standing waiting for you, then does it make more sense to say he saw your choice before you? Or to say he chose it for you? And when such a person seeks your death is there any right choice when attempting to dodge? Or are you simply choosing the precise location of your own execution?

The Prophet will make the A.R.K. Agents of Specter Ops ask these sorts of questions. He knows where you've been, he knows where you're going, and he knows what you're about to think. Your only true choice is, where would you like to die?

The Prophet card

First off, The Prophet just doesn't miss much at close range. When you know where your target is about to juke, after a while it makes just as much sense for the target to stay where they are as it does for them to get away.

Second, The Prophet automatically gets a sense of when an objective is about to be completed. If the Hunters already have an idea of which zone the Agent is in, this pre-cognition gives the Hunters a very small space to worry about, and the Agent a very small chance of getting away.

Finally, The Prophet sees all. Not just what will happen and what is happening but what just happened, even far away from The Prophet's own location. With The Prophet's ability to sense exactly the spot where the A.R.K. agent was in the recent past, the Hunters can always have the ability to deduce with precision where that agent is now.

Throughout history, prophets have not just announced the future, but announced the transcendent, the supernatural, and things beyond human understanding. The Prophet announces his own transcendence beyond other humans, as well as your doom.


ObsoleteThree commented:

Oh the tease! I can only hope this means that the pre-order boxes are en-route from the ship to your office!

Posted on 2015-03-20.

thenightsshadow commented:

WIP's playthrough gave me a greater impression of the Prophet. I didn't think he was that good.

Posted on 2015-03-20.

ski309 commented:

All these hunters' abilities are starting to scare me away from playing the agent!

Posted on 2015-03-20.

joepinion commented:

l33t agent skills and equipment coming next week :)

Posted on 2015-03-20.

Cyprien Esenwein commented:

Yes, but does he have psycho-kinetic powers? Can he move my controller or tell me what games I've played recently?

Posted on 2015-03-21.

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