Rodney Smith has produced yet another excellent instructional video for Plaid Hat Games!

Specter Ops: Shadow of Babel puts you and 1-4 friends in the middle of a war for society that's fought in the shadows.

On one side, a lone A.R.K. agent infiltrates a Raxxon facility, seeking to retrieve three mission targets and escape alive. Equipped with unique skills and tools, the agent moves in secret.

On the other side, two or more genetically enhanced Raxxon hunters, alerted to the intruder's presence, take no prisoners as they attempt to eliminate the A.R.K. agent before a successful escape. Super-human mutations and keen coordination aid them in their duty to destroy Raxxon's enemies.

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freezinpee commented:

Looks pretty neat. Curious how the game plays. Me thinks luke is going to stomp his dad.

Posted on 2015-02-24.

champrjk commented:

Ah excellent. These videos are always so helpful.

Posted on 2015-02-26.

Spydah666 commented:

It was because of this video I ordered Specter Ops.

Posted on 2015-02-27.

Rocconteur commented:

Here's how you play:
1. Play Spectre OPS against Emerson
2. Spend the last twenty turns hiding and juking like a scared rabbit while he hunts you down like a pack of pit bulls
3. Sprint across the road, getting shot from all sides and escape with 1 HP
4. Laugh about it shakily
5. Have post traumatic stress nightmares for a month

Posted on 2015-03-12.

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