Welcome to the first preview in our series of previews on the Specter Ops hunters and agents. Specter Ops: The Shadow of Babel is currently available for pre-order in the PlaidHatGames.com store. Watch a game overview video, check out our preview below, and then pre-order today!

"Your duty as director of experimental security will be to adapt our human enhancement tech to the cause of hunting down these terrorists before they can do more damage. You are hereby authorized to utilize all tech that falls under military gene splicing, cybernetic retrofits, advanced experimental anti-personnel weaponry, and combat cloning. Standard chemical dependencies should be established to ensure cooperation and maintain secrecy"

In a game of Specter Ops: Shadow of Babel, one player is an A.R.K agent who has just infiltrated Raxxon Global’s experimental security facility in an attempt to gather information about and sabotage the program. The other player(s) are Raxxon hunters: genetically or mechanically enhanced humans tasked with hunting down A.R.K. agents and nullifying the threat they pose to Raxxon.

Who is good? Who is bad? Is there clarity either way? Regardless of where your alliance lies, there is an infiltration of Raxxon, and the destiny of two forces hangs in the balance.

Let us get to know the hunters of Raxxon, and their enhancements that are meant to eliminate the threat. First up? The Puppet.

The Puppet

The grounds of Raxxon Global can seem daunting, even for the group of hunters protecting it. One of the best ways to cover the most ground is by use of the vehicle and its remote sensor. The difficulty with managing the vehicle sometimes is that while it covers ground efficiently and can help sense activity in the sectors of the facility, it does hinder the hunters from surrounding the agent's possible whereabouts, and exposing them. The other difficulty would be the need for an operator of said vehicle. On one hand you can trigger the motion sensor, but has the agent been too stealthy and remain undetected? Is one less active hunter only going to benefit the agent? On the other hand, if you get too deep in chasing shadows, you could leave your only opportunity for fast travel far, far away.  

The Puppet's card

The Puppet's enhancements are linked with the computer systems in the vehicle, allowing for remote access. The Puppet is a careful and useful hunter, and being able to control not only the vehicles movement but tapping into its remote sensor even if the vehicle is unoccupied may be one of your only hopes in sniffing out a hidden agent. When an objective is flipped and your band of hunters has realized an agent has slipped through your grasp, it just might your one safety to getting back on their track.

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Posted by Brian Beyke
Brian Beyke is the Plaid Hat Games Community Relations Director.


BuckWilde commented:

I'm so excited for this game. I can't pick a favorite hunter or agent yet since I haven't played the game, but I really like the look of the Puppet.

Posted on 2015-03-17.

jfc1005 commented:

Can The Puppet use both control relay and remote sensor in one turn?

Posted on 2015-03-17.

BTBAM commented:

No, because those two vehicle features cannot be used together (Vehicle cannot move if used remote sensor, remote sensor cannot be used if vehicle moves)

Posted on 2015-03-17.

jfc1005 commented:

Can the Puppet move the vehicle more than 2 spaces when stunned? After all, he is the one stunned not the vehicle.

Posted on 2015-04-07.

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