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They say of a sniper’s bullet that it if you hear it, then you are safe, because it will already have passed safely by. It is the ones that you don’t hear that are for you” --Sohni

The Gun

We've seen the ability to navigate the board and we've seen the power of brute force, but there are some modifications that are not as visible with a Hunter, but implanted, honed and perfected over time for precision, focus, and accuracy.

The Gun is a perfect example of this. A particularly trigger happy Hunter is able to get off pings unlike the rest of the Hunters, and when it comes to haulting an invasion, that just might be the smoking gun (no pun intended).

The Gun card

Her Sharp Shooting is perfect for protecting lanes that an agent may pass through. With various sectors and limited time for the Agent, sometimes crossing a hunter's line of sight is a must to continue toward infiltration. The Gun is able to roll two dice, with obvious benefit being she rarely rolls an automatic miss (snake eyes only).  While that doesn't mean she will reach the target, the average of 2d6 is a 7, hitting 7 spaces away. With rolling a 6 being an automatic reroll, you have double the chances of that happening, potentially increasing the range to an unhealthy level...for the agent.

Aside from sheer precision, her Quick Draw allows for potential damage during the Agent's turn if an Agent were to be spotted by The Gun, especially at close range. 

The use of her Sniper Shot is one that might require some deep thought or confidence before choosing. Sniper Shot allows The Gun to position herself on her turn (so long as the Agent is not visible) so that she watches a line in a direction of N, S, E or W. If the agent were to cross that line, it would automatically lose 1 HP. The greatest benefit to this is if your fellow hunters are closing in from opposite sides, forcing the Agent to cross that line. However, the caution lies in The Gun's limited visibility when using this.

While selection Sniper Shot, The Gun only has visibility in that direction. What does that mean?  It means if an Agent has been stealthy enough, or thrown a group of hunters off their trail well enough, they just may be able to walk right beside or behind her completely undetected.

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