Dead of Winter: Good Good Dog Trade Paperback

Dead of Winter: Good Good Dog Trade Paperback

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DEAD OF WINTER goes from board game to comic, and Sparky is along for the ride! Written by Kyle Starks (the Eisner Award-nominated Sexcastle), and illustrated by Gabo (The Life After), join everyone's favorite good ol' dog, Sparky, as he struggles to survive in the harsh winter of the zombie apocalypse! As Sparky and his fellow survivors scavenge for supplies in the frigid wasteland, they’ll need to rely on each other if they want to see another day. Collects issues #1-4 from the "Good Good Dog" storyline from DEAD OF WINTER! Also included in this exclusive version is the Ruckus Burley Promo Survivor and Crossroad Card for Dead of Winter!

Set Contents:

    • 1 trade paperback
    • 1 Ruckus Burley promo character card, crossroads card and cardboard standee

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