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Welcome back to another sneak peak for Crystal Clans! We're in our final week of Feather, Shadow, Fang and Leaf Clan previews, in preparation for all four clans hitting retailers and our own web store soon! Remember, all four clans are available for preorder now, and you can find the other previews here. Let's dive in and take a look at some of the awesome remianing units for the Leaf Clan!

The Huntmaster

The Huntmaster

Let’s begin with one of the heroes.  As we saw last time, different units have different ways of making use of the sown cards.  The Huntmaster is no exception.  Ancient Wisdom allows you to discard 2 sown cards to bring a unit from the discard pile back into your hand.  And some of the units that you’ll see today are prime examples of units with which you’ll want another turn.


Blackbark Defenders

This is my favorite common unit to summon using Regrow.  Firstly, at an activation cost of 3, you’ll never want to move downfield the old-fashioned way.  Second, with 8 defense, Blackbark Defenders are tremendous at maintaining control of a zone, especially a crystal zone.  Lastly, Shield Wall is just a frustrating ability for your opponent to deal with because no one likes paying extra initiative.




And since we’re talking about making your opponent waste initiative, Whispwillows are great at it.  By placing Whispwillows on the field, you can restrict the movement of enemy squads through the use of Lure.  They also have a very sneaky battle card effect, allowing you dismantle the enemy squad.  This may be enough to allow you to destroy the remaining units, or even have your squad survive a battle that they wouldn’t otherwise.

Emerald Coven

Emerald Coven

What a tricky ability!  Confuse allows you to reorder the enemy squad when you enter its zone.  This could be used to bury a particularly nasty battlefield ability, or even just move a high defense unit from the top of the squad to the bottom, allowing you to go after vulnerable high attack units.

Old Knothollow

Old Knothollow

You knew I was going to save the best for last.  Throw is such an incredible ability that you won’t mind spending the 3 initiative to activate Old Knothollow over and over again.  Throw allows you to target a common unit controlled by either player in or adjacent to Knothollow’s zone, and place that unit in a different zone within 1 space of Knothollow!

If there’s a large enemy squad in Knothollow’s zone, just throw the scariest of the units away and destroy the rest.  If there’s a large enemy squad in the adjacent zone, pull one of the more dangerous units out of that zone to get destroyed by Knothollow in battle.  Need to advance a friendly Blackbark Defender located behind Knothollow? Throw that Defender into the front lines.  The possibilities are endless.

 So there you have it: the Leaf Clan.  As long as you can maintain a garden of sown cards, the Leaf Clan will be able to progress the game at their own pace.  And with that we wrap up the previews for the newest four expansion clans.  Until next time (Spoilers: there will be a next time!), keep scoring those crystals. Thanks for reading!