Crystal Clans: Shadow Clan

Crystal Clans: Shadow Clan

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The Shadow Clan are experts in stealth and manipulation. Their signature Shadow Step ability allows Shadow units to move to an enemy zone for 1 initiative, allowing them to lash out with surprise attacks where the enemy is weakest. Other abilities like Sneak Attack and Gather Intel let them continue to manipulate their foes and gain the advantage. The Shadow Clan proves that a blade in hiding is worth more than the strength of an army when applied to the right place.

Set Contents:

    • 1 Atticus Nightstalker, hero
    • 1 Puppeteer, hero
    • 1 Malevolence, hero
    • 6 Shadow Puppets
    • 6 Silverpalmed Spies
    • 3 Hemock Rogues
    • 3 Guild Thieves
    • 3 Moon-Cult Assassins
    • 3 Kohloh Witches
    • 1 Shadow Clan reference card

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