Crystal Clans: Feather Clan

Crystal Clans: Feather Clan

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The Feather Clan soar above the battlefield and swoop down to meet their enemy. This is a full clan deck, and requires the Crystal Clans master set to play.

Set Contents:

    • 1 Horus the Finder, hero
    • 1 Dendra the Skykeeper, hero
    • 1 Shu the Mythmaker, hero
    • 6 Whipporwill Archers
    • 6 Direwing Cavalry
    • 3 Razorclaw Falconers
    • 3 Talonswords
    • 3 Swiftwind Messengers
    • 3 Scarletbeak Scavengers
    • 1 Feather Clan reference card

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