Welcome back to another Crystal Clans preview! We're in our last week of previews for Shadow, Fang, Feather and Leaf! Remember, all four clans are currently available for preorder and you can check out all the previews here! Today, we'll be taking a look at the remaining units for Feather Clan. Previously, being a Flying unit meant that it possessed the ability of Flight or Soar.  The Feather Clan brings another neat trick for “flying” across the battlefield! 


Horus the Finder

You go hide and I’ll go Seek.  Seek allows a squad of flying units to move again if they move into an empty zone.  And if that second move lands them in an empty zone, the squad can move again.  And again, and again, and again.  Seek only requires that the units in the squad be Flying units. This also includes the units previewed last week who have the Soar ability.  Likewise, since units with Seek are flying units themselves, they can also participate as a member of a squad led by a unit with the Soar ability.



A hero with the ability to go anywhere and everywhere is strong on its own, but when combined with a common unit with the same ability, the Feather Clan has the potential to constantly threaten any zone on the map making it downright deadly. This includes your opponent's home zone, meaning you'll be able to set up some of the swiftest Invade actions in all of Crystal Clans. Don't be surprised when your opponent quickly learns the wisdom in leaving a force to defend what's theirs! 


Scarletbeak Scavengers

Most of the time, players want to destroy enemy units in a zone, while leaving their units behind to occupy it afterwards. Whether this is a set up to score or just a strategy for optimal board positioning, this is the meat and bones of Crystal Clans. Scarletbeak Scavengers allow the Feather Clan to play a bit more recklessly.  As long as at least one enemy unit is destroyed, a Scavenger from anywhere else on the board may be placed in the zone where the battle occurred.  This can even occur if all units in both battling squads are destroyed, allowing the Feather Clan to go all out in their attack.


Razorclaw Falconers

Talk about a one-shot ability.  Target is a one-shot ability that allows for the destruction of a low-defense enemy common unit.  Do be careful that there is a valid target on the board before attempting to summon them.  While the Feather Clan will only get to use this ability three times through their deck, remember that there are ways to get units back into your hand, including one of Dendra’s battle card effects.


Shu the Mythmaker

Shu the Mythmaker is one of those units that you'll likely find yourself wanting to get onto the battlefield as quickly as possible despite his pricey cost to summon. His excellent stats and speed make him a crucial part of any game plan. However, with a little patience and planning, flying units placed on the battlefield can reduce his summoning cost significantly, giving you a powerful unit at a significantly reduced cost. Don't forget that Deandra can allow non-flying units to be considered flying units giving you more ways to reduce Shu's summon cost.

That wraps up the Feather Clan.  Their superior ability to attack the other side of the battlefield, as well as create many opportunities to invade your opponent’s home zone might be just be enough to force your opponent to playing a little more defensively than they are used to.  Figure out how to keep applying the pressure and the Feather Clan will win the fight! Be sure to tune in later this week to take a look at the Leaf Clan's remaining units in the final preview of Crystal Clan's first wave of expansions. Thanks for reading! 

Posted by Jeffrey Berman
Jeffrey Berman is the Lead Playtester for Crystal Clans  and the Show Runner of Dara Teaches How to Play

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