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The Long Night: The Challenges Ahead

The Crises of Dead of Winter: The Long Night

Welcome to our weekly previews for Dead of Winter: The Long Night, the stand-alone, fully compatible expansion to Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game. Click here to pre-order Dead of Winter: The Long Night from the store - get 20% off and the Rich Sommer exclusive character and crossroads card for free! Click here to explore

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A new game means new challenges, often represented by the crisis cards revealed at the start of each round.  Although they still follow the basic formula of acquiring items of various types, the new crisis cards offer an opportunity to incorporate the new mechanics, such as the despair and unruly helpless survivors that I talked about last week. There are also more that reference the influence of survivors this time around. Medicine Shortage does both.

Medicine Shortage

You might be wondering why there is a bandit symbol in the upper left hand corner.  Remember back during the Bandits preview when I said that I’d talk about how new bandits appear “later?”  Well,  “later” is now!  The new crisis cards tell at you which numbered locations bandits will appear during the Reveal Crisis step if you’re using the bandit module. If you're not using the Bandits module, you can ignore that portion of the card.

Some new Crises will unleash the experiments normally found in the Raxxon module.

The Night is Dark

Some cards reference something outside of the game.  Some people will love this crisis, and others will hate it.

The Vault

Two item types that were never required to pass crisis cards in the original game were books and weapons.  Now we’ve got some that do require them.


Luckily there are two new survivors that can help out with that one.

Emma Han, StudentAlfonso Ortega, Gunsmith

Although there are fewer crisis cards that directly target morale this time around, you still have to worry about losing morale. That’s where Kumar Sen arrives to make everyone feel better.

Kumar Sen

Of course there are more crisis cards out there, including the School Bus, Hunger, a Kidnapping and even a Revolt… but I’ll let you discover them on your own.

Next week, I’ll discuss the Graveyard.

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Come back next Wednesday for our next The Long Night preview. Click here to pre-order Dead of Winter: The Long Night from the store - get 20% off and the Rich Sommer exclusive character and crossroads card for free!

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