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Why is the new Dead of Winter expansion, titled The Long Night, both stand-alone and fully compatible with the original Dead of Winter?

One big reason to make the new game stand-alone is to open it up to the widest range of players.  Whether someone is brand new to Dead of Winter, or they’re a die hard Doug, they’ll be able to pick up Dead of Winter: The Long Night, take it home, and start playing right out of the box.  Sometimes between print runs a person might only have access to the new expansion. We don’t want these players to be left out in the cold. Some players who may have passed on the original might be intrigued by the direction the game is heading.  There’s so much new stuff here that there’s a lot to like for existing fans as well.

One of the most fun parts of Dead of Winter was choosing your characters and finding additional ones along the way.  There are twenty new survivors, each with new special abilities and backstories.

Lily Mae

Wait, what’s an explosive trap?! It’s something new that you’ll find on the back of every barricade in The Long Night.  They trigger before normal barricades when it’s time to place a zombie at a full location. Not only do they prevent that zombie from being placed, but they destroy all of the other zombies at that location or colony entrance as well! And the barricade isn’t the only token that comes double-sided.  New noise tokens can be flipped to let you know whether an additional zombie gets placed or not during the Add Zombies step of the Colony phase. Helpless tokens can turn unruly! I’ll say more on that another week.

When people first see the return of the original six locations (now on sturdy punchboard) and starter items, they might think we reprinted all of those cards. There are 8 new item decks - all six original locations and even the starter items are updated. While certain essential cards are repeated (such as Food 2 and Food 3), some cards gain additional utility.

Fuel or Fire

Most of the other items have been replaced with shiny new things, and that’s to say nothing of the trove of experimental technology hidden in the vaults of Raxxon Pharmaceuticals.

I said I was going to say nothing… Okay, fine!

Pulse Cannon

With these new items and survivors, players will be able to construct lasting improvements to the colony. Many of them will provide new ways for players to spend their action dice or provide other persistent benefits.

With explosive traps, improvements, and new items come new threats. Raxxon is home to some grotesque experimental creatures that are more frightening and more difficult to deal with than normal zombies. Plus, a rival group of bandits is working against the colony, taking items from locations and storing them away at the bandit hideout.

There are 70 new story-packed Crossroads cards included in The Long Night. In addition to crossroads cards related to traditional triggers, there are many using the new survivors and modules. They’re also a great place to weave some story in through the new mechanics, such as despair and unruly helpless survivors.

There are new versions of all of the other groups of cards and standees as well: 5 new main objectives plus 2 special scenarios, 5 new exiled secret objectives, 10 new betrayal secret objectives, 24 new non-betrayal secret objectives, 22 new crisis cards, 30 new zombie standees in 3 new versions of art, and 100 plastic standees (to allow extras for exclusives).

So after that, all that's left to make this expansion stand-alone is the board, a few tokens, and dice. And who doesn’t love more dice?

Come back next Wednesday for our next The Long Night preview, on the Raxxon module. Click here to pre-order Dead of Winter: The Long Night from the PlaidHatGames.com store - get 20% off and the Rich Sommer exclusive character and crossroads card for free!


jgibbo90 commented:

Every character reveal for this game gets me so pumped for the expansion. Lily Mae looks great- only disappointment is her job isnt more regular and believable. Maybe she's the Mike Cho equivalent though- we can't all be Ninjas and Explosive Experts.

Posted on 2016-04-13.

Podunk the Mighty commented:

Sounds cool! Dead of Winter is a game I loved to play although I hated the thought of trying to set up and explain, but I just might have to get in on the fun this time around!

Posted on 2016-04-13.

Syurtpiutha commented:


Since some of the locations are renewed, are the old cards suitable for mixing in to the new location decks? (Makes Raiding party even more of a logistical nightmare :p)

Basically, can I mash both sets together and still have a perfectly functional game, or are there some cards that don't work/fit with teh theme of Long Night?

Posted on 2016-04-13.

joepinion commented:

Yes you can mix them together. There's rules for making sure there are exactly 20 cards in each search deck. There's no incompatible content, just occasional cards in The Long Night that require a certain module (they're marked to indicate this).

Posted on 2016-04-13.

Jexik commented:

Yeah, like Joe said, you're able to combine stuff pretty easily. The modules will allow you to tailor your Dead of Winter experience in a lot of ways.

Posted on 2016-04-13.

Syurtpiutha commented:

Cool. I have already preordered the game, but it's good to know that it has full compatibility. Really curious how bandits and unruly helpless survivors are gonna work. Same goes for the Uber-zombies.

Posted on 2016-04-13.

mindgame commented:

I am so pumped up for this. I really really hope this comes out here in Holland before august because i am going on vacation to Portugal for 4 weeks and i really want to play this there with my friends. I saw one store advertise this for around the 16th of juli and another store just said august. I think i know that you can't comment on a releasedate overseas just yet, but can i get some kind of information on if i am going be able to play it when on vacation? traveling the 8th of august so can you guys give me happy news? oh and is there a chance there will be another animal like Sparky in the game?

Posted on 2016-04-13.

Crimson commented:

I cannot wait for this expansion. I love this game so much.

Posted on 2016-04-13.

jgibbo90 commented:

@mindgame I don't know if you've seen it yet but this bit of promotional art suggests there will be a chimp in the game. Don't know if this is final or not.


Posted on 2016-04-15.

mindgame commented:

@jgibbo90 Thanks for that link. I am loving it already. Curious what the chimp's special ability is. Would be cool if there was a crossroad card involving the chimp and Sparky.
When can we aspect an anouncement of a releasedate for europe?

Posted on 2016-04-15.

the1hodgy commented:

Is it only me at this point that thinks, Longest Night would have made an Awesome Legacy Game?

Posted on 2016-05-05.

Great Dane commented:

Even though its giving us the same locations, I plan on still using the originals aswell. Even if you're using the new locations, you can put the old ones to the side and call it 'down town'. Just a bonus area to loot and you can randomise which ones get put there, or use all of them. And instead of 'splitting' the old and new item cards into one location, you'll have all of them =D ...

Though I wished they gave us all new locations to be able to REALLY mix it up, its supposed to be an expansion after all. It would give people more incentive to buy the original.

Posted on 2016-05-13.

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