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SW Preview: Animation

Who's in control?


Programming Note: Due to the large number of cards to preview, we are starting the previews before the pre-orders are available. Pre-orders will be up soon. Plus, Preview Monday will be twice as nice as usual, with TWO Summoner Wars previews per day. TWO!

Do you have free will? Or are your movements controlled by a mind more powerful than your own? A good Bender player makes their opponents suspect that their every move is what the Bender player really wanted them to do all along. Kept your events in hand? Great, here's a Mimic. Built them as magic? I was never going to play that Mimic event anyway.

Oh, you're skeptical? You believe you make your own choices? Before introducing you to Shiva, allow me to introduce someone who knows something about being controlled.


The puppet doesn't move, but can be whipped around the battlefield near other Bender units. Get it into the right position and you end up with a unit that's an absolute steal at 1 magic. Given the Benders' exceptional range, puppets would be useful merely for blocking. But Shiva loves to utilize these guys, so they have plenty of additional support. Meet the Puppetmaster.


The Puppetmaster, whether he is hiding in the back or is on the attack, essentially adds a 4th movement to your movement phase, with a unit who can't usually move! And this could be any Puppet on the battlefield. The Benders are strong. The Puppets are strong. And when they're together on the battlefield, both get even stronger.


Both efficient and versatile, Restitch brings Puppets back from the "dead" without spending magic, making them even cheaper than usual. Best of all, you'll have a variety of placement options, often in great position to attack without having to move. OR, if you've got quite a few puppets on the battlefield, you can animate them into position...


All puppets. No limit. 3 copies of this card. 2-melee/2-life for 1 magic (or less). Extra move with the Puppetmaster. Why risk your own blood when others can fight for you? After all, isn't that what the Summoner Wars are all about?

So, free will? It's an illusion. Learn from the puppet and accept your true reality. Because whether you're a puppet or a human or a goblin or whatever you are, she is the one in control.


We're all puppets in Shiva's hands.

Brath and Farrah next week.

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