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SW Preview: Daddy Loves Me

And nanny does, too.


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OK everyone…. ready to get Filthy???

I’d really like to know the story of how this poor little girl became a Filth Summoner, but it couldn’t have come from anything good.  Is she possessed by some demon acting as her “Daddy”?  Is she just delusional after being raised in an environment where humans are routinely mutilated?  I don’t know, but reading through these cards, the scariest thing might be that she kind of just seems like a normal little girl at heart…

Little Meda

…that likes getting gifts from her Daddy.  The first thing Summoner Wars players are going to notice is the Life Points – 3.  On a Summoner.  A single Jungle Elf Lioneer can kill this poor girl in one attack and end the game, but what did you expect?  She’s, like, 8!

But let’s come back to that and talk about the rest of the card.  An attack value of 3 with range is certainly powerful – something is lurking behind this girl’s eyes that you don’t want to see.  Her ability, GIFTS FROM DADDY, gives her some of the hallmark Filth recursion and versatility. She sacrifices getting to choose her toy from the Draw Pile for being able to summon it directly after she takes it back from Magic or Discard.  She needs to rely more on drawing what she needs, but once she has it she’s faster than Demagogue at bringing it back. Plus she has a certain toy that really helps her out in this regard, but that’s for another preview!

So back to this Life total – just 3 Life.  How do you even manage that?


Whoever this poor girl’s Daddy is, did you think he would send her out into the world completely unprotected? No way – her Nanny is by her side at all times.  Notice that Nanny is a Champion and, as I teased a couple weeks ago, Nanny STARTS ON THE BATTLEFIELD! So that 5 Summon Cost is moot when she’s in Little Meda’s deck. And as long as you keep her close to her darling child, she (it?) will protect her at any cost.  So together, this pair is an 8 Life Summoner that can’t be affected by any opponent’s cards.  Sandstorm to rip them apart?  Nope. Chant of Negation to shut the ability off?  Nope.   Greater Burn on Nanny?  Nope. Counter Summon Nanny away? Nope. As long as they’re together, the opponents will have to deal with them the old fashioned way, while the Filth player has the sadistic decision on whether to place the wounds on the innocent little girl or the hulking mutant monster that she thinks is her “Nanny.”

And its an important decision, too, thanks to…

Daddy Loves Me

…the special love she gets from her Daddy. I mean, obviously any loving father would send their daughter out to lead an army of mutants into war, right? Regardless, if Little Meda does take any damage, this will heal 2 of that damage away. An amazing deal when you look at other Event cards out there that heal Summoner wounds, but needed when moving your Summoner basically costs 2 movement activations, and it can be attacked from more than 4 sides. There's only 1 copy though, so use it wisely.

So does Little Meda ever get the chance to stray away from her Nanny, or does she just stay nestled up next to her all the time? Well, sometimes Little Meda gets brave (or maybe defiant?) and strays away, but then very soon after you can usually hear her yelling…

Daddy I'm Scared

...and running back to her Nanny.  This is one of my favorite cards, and makes playing Little Meda tons of fun.  With 3 copies of this Event, a Filth player can afford to take a few chances with Little Meda and get some mileage out of that 3 die ranged attack.  It also deliciously messes up your opponent’s turn a lot of the time.  Another thing it does is sometimes allow Little Meda to get close enough to a bad guy to whisper in its ear...

Daddy Doesn't Like You

Woe unto those who “Daddy” doesn’t like!  With 2 (!!!) copies of this Event at her disposal, a humongous bodyguard, and a blank stare that can hit you from range with 3 dice, Little Meda is a serious force to be reckoned with.  She’ll strike fear into all that oppose her, and then show them her teddy bear.  And after she shows you that...

Look What I Can Do!

...she’ll show you what else she can do, which is probably even worse.  Only 1 of these thankfully, but as anyone who has played against Magic Drain knows, it’s a nasty effect.  It does require her to build up her hand with Mutants, but she can always get some GIFTS FROM DADDY that turn to help out.

Whew… glad that’s done.  Hopefully I can sleep tonight!  Tune in later today for our first look at Shiva, and next week when the Doug’s Guide hosts bring you the first pieces of decks they designed – Brath and Farrah Oathbreaker!

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