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Ashes Preview: Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Rin's shiniest toys

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So you've got your big ole' bear on the battlefield. You've played your super-resilient Frost Fang. But the opponent keeps attacking your bear directly. The Frost Fang only attacks for 1 damage, and your bear has to exhaust to punish the puny irritant. These are not the roles you had in mind when you sat down to play. Thankfully The Frostdale Giants provides alterations that allow you to use your units the way you want!

Crystal Shield

Yep, think about what you can do with this card! Any unit can now have Unit Guard. Imagine Leech Warrior with it. Or how about the Living Doll? And now think about Frost Fang with a Crystal Shield attached!

You have a unit with Battle Advantage that can guard any direct attacks, and it can guard again and again because you can slough off damage with its Rapid Healing ability! Unit Guard is a powerful ability, and the +2 bonus to life value keeps it on the battlefield even longer!

Any units that would be phenomenal if only they could be assured to get in combat are sure to benefit from Crystal Shield... I have a feeling that this card will only get better as time goes on.

Frozen Crown

Give any unit +3 attack value and it becomes a threat the opponent can't ignore! This card can end the game very quickly. Even if you can't get your unit through to damage the opposing Phoenixborn, Frozen Crown almost ensures the opponent's unit can't survive an attack or counter from the unit this alteration is attached to. The Frost Back bear deals 6 damage to a Phoenixborn with this attached, and the Frost Fang deals 4 damage before a unit it's in battle with can even deal damage back! And trust me, the other unit in Rin's deck loves this spell just as much.

Basic an 1 Natural Class may seem like a steep investment, but when you consider that this alteration lasts as long as the unit, allowing repeatable damage round after round and attack after attack, it can't cost any less. The Frostdale Giants contains resilient units and plenty of ways make those tough units even tougher, allowing you to take full advantage of the high impact boost granted by Frozen Crown!

Rin has many tools to make your units do exactly what you want. Next week we'll see how Rin uses ice magic to deal with opposing units. He just can't abide someone else having shinier toys than him!

Thanks for reading!

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