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Ashes Preview: Brennen, Brennen, Brennen

Chant to win.

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Spellboard slots are often used to build long term strategies, to give you certain effects that you'll want to use round after round to establish a certain play style. Brennen on the other hand wants to be the aggressor. If your opponent doesn't have the time to set up their strategy, then their long-term plan is ended before it was established. Today we look at how Brennen uses the ready spells included in The Children of Blackcloud to quickly establish a superior position the opponent can't hope to overturn!

Chant of the Dead

For an investment of 1 Ceremonial Class you can net 3 dice set on the side of your choice! That's 1 dice to gain 3! You need to amass 3 status tokens on this spell before you can cash it in, but that won't be hard at all. The Children of Blackcloud uses plenty of allies, and very strong allies at that. If your opponent doesn't destroy them, all the better for you, because then you get to destroy them yourself to gain extra benefits.

And the best part of Chant of the Dead is you don't have to trigger it until you're ready to leverage all those extra dice. Lets not forget that the 3 dice you return can be placed on the Ceremonial Power side, so all those allies that have been destroyed can be returned to your hand using the ceremonial dice power ability! Starting to see the unstoppable engine The Children of Blackcloud can create?

But what about all the damage you have to take to return those high attack value allies to your hand? Just check out the card below!

Chant of Protection

Just what you needed! You never have to fear taking damage for returning allies again. For 1 Basic and 1Discard from Hand you get to prevent 3 damage to your Phoenixborn! And it doesn't have to be all at once, or even damage from returning allies with the Ceremonial Dice Power!

With 3 copies of Chant of Protection, Brennen's life value can effectively soar upwards to 29 as long as you are willing to pay the minimal cost of 3 dice, 3 main actions, and 3 cards from your hand over the course of a game. Seem a little unfair? Well, Brennen isn't into fair, Brennen is into winning!

I hope you enjoyed the new cards previewed today, and this Thursday we have more! You'll get to see some alterations from The Frostdale Giants that help Rin's beefy units become even harder to deal with. And next Tuesday we'll have another ally to show off from The Children of Blackcloud. It's the smallest of the bunch to be sure, but perhaps the most important piece of the engine!

Thanks for reading!

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