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Tail Feathers: Chumjaw and Wrunk

Ravenous for battle.

Tail FeathersTail Feathers is the exciting new miniature skirmish game by Jerry Hawthorne set in the beloved world of Mice and Mystics. Soar across the table, send your troops on dangerous missions, and defend your nest! Players will recreate the famous battles for aerial supremacy that shaped the Mice and Mystics world. Pre-order Tail Feathers today for $15 off the retail price and a free promo Mice and Mystics Lost Chapter compatible with Downwood Tales!


The Bad and the Ugly

While the players are encouraged to mix and match pilots and birds, certain pairings are reflected in the included story, as you will discover. This week we will be taking a look at Chumjaw the blood-thirsty maniac of the Vermin Raiders, and his hunger crazed hook beak Wrunk. These two miserable creatures are an abomination of desperate and ill-tempered violence seeking madness. The unholy blight that spoils the land, contorts the minds of its denizens as well, and the violent and infirm minds are the first to be twisted.

Wrunk and Chumjaw

Fit for Each Other

Chumjaw seems to fear no one, except Snag for whatever reason. When it comes to dealing with insubordination, Chumjaw does Snag's dirty work. Lesser rats tremble at the thought of the cruel ways Chumjaw might deal with their infractions. Of all the birds Chumjaw could choose, he favors a single miserable hook beak known as Wrunk. The bird is thick and hunched and caws incessantly. Controlling Wrunk requires use of a jagged metal collar that has rubbed her neck raw and featherless.


Birds and their pilots are the central focus of your force. They fulfill usually fulfill multiple battlefield roles. Chumjaw and Wrunk together are a brutal combination. Their pairing is uniquely suited for destruction and mayhem...

Battle: Chumjaw is most comfortable in conflict where he can dish out his own brand of cruelty.  Chumjaw's standard rank pilot card has a melee battle value of 3. Wrunk also has a battle value of 3. When Chumjaw and Wrunk engage in a death spiral or swoop attack, they add their battle values together giving them a total of 6 dice! That is crunchy for sure, and made all the better when considering Chumjaw's special ability to receive cheese for damaging an opponent's nest! Um, that's exactly what you want him to do.

Don't forget that Chumjaw does have a ranged attack value of 2, which means he can take potshots at the enemies whenever he is too far away to get into a spiral.

Life: Pilots and Birds combine their life points together. Wrunk has 4 life--Very respectable.  Chumjaw's battle prowess at standard level contributes 1 additional life bringing the unit total to 5. That's pretty good, and will contribute to their staying power.

Defense: Wrunk is a strong bird, and her defense of 2 and high life ensures that she will be in the battle for a while, but she's too big of a threat for your opponent to ignore. At standard level, Chumjaw has the shield proficiency and so has access to defensive action cards to bolster their defenses even more.

Speed: Wrunk is a slow bird. She has a move value of 2, which means she will be outpaced by the other birds! Chumjaw can always flog her using the Flog action card for an extra burst of speed to close in for a kill, and Wrunk is a very enthusiastic bird, so once she gets to close range, she will lunge in for a death spiral, even against Chumjaw's better judgement. This, combined with their strength, ensures the enemy pilots will be afraid of Chumjaw and Wrunk.

Proficiencies and Action Cards

In Tail Feathers, each player has a hand of 7 action cards chosen at the start of the game. These cards represent special tricks and maneuvers your heroes, pilots, and birds can perform to surprise your opponent and enhance your strategy.  Each action card has requirements that are needed to use it. 
Chumjaw and Wrunk have access to a wide selection of action cards thanks to Chumjaw's  set of proficiencies. Chumjaw has the shield and sword proficiencies, providing him with access to a wide array of offensive and defensive cards like Brutality, Poison Knowhow, and Battle Harness.

Chumjaw action cards

Wrunk has access to some awesome cards too, like Rend and Soar.

Wrunk action cards


Chumjaw and Wrunk are a powerful threat in the Vermin Raiders' aerial forces. Their beefy stats and access to powerful offensive action cardswill have them deeply involved in the aggressive assaults that the rats are known for.

Bird Hunting: With ravenous, her ability to make a lunge into death spiral, Chumjaw and Wrunk are trickier than they first seem. Many times your opponent will miscalculate your striking range, not counting on action cards or Wrunk's ability. Use this to your advantage and plow into as many death spirals as possible, avoiding equal or superior enemies, and preying on the weak.

Opportunity Blitz: Chumjaw and Wrunk can fly directly toward the enemy home nest and enjoy conflicts along the way. Their enemy will either avoid Wrunk, attempt to shoot them down, or try and divert your assault using a bird tooled up to death spiral. Avoid getting caught in even matchups unless using action cards to tip the balance in Wrunk's favor. Pounce on weaker birds with abandon. Use flog and soar action cards for a quick burst of speed when needed.

Second Wave Cyclone of Destruction: Snag and Grizzard can lead a charge toward your opponent's nest while Chumjaw and Wrunk slowly follow. Once Snag and Grizzard make the swoop, they circle back toward midfield and hunt any bird that tries to stop Wrunk and Chumjaw from making their swoop on the nest. Once this cycle begins, the two birds can continue circling the enemy nest taking turns swooping it, and supporting each other's approach.

Written by Jerry Hawthorne.
Jerry Hawthorne is the designer of Tail Feathers as well as Mice and Mystics.

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