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Tail Feathers: Come on you monsters!

A rat pilot bears down on Snibble and Sienna

Tail FeathersTail Feathers is the exciting new miniature skirmish game by Jerry Hawthorne set in the beloved world of Mice and Mystics. Soar across the table, send your troops on dangerous missions, and defend your nest! Players will recreate the famous battles for aerial supremacy that shaped the Mice and Mystics world. Pre-order Tail Feathers today for $15 off the retail price and a free promo Mice and Mystics Lost Chapter compatible with Downwood Tales!

Bird fight!

“Blast it all!” Snibble yelled, and he pulled up hard on the reins. His graceful starling Sienna made an unhappy noise in protest, but she rose up in the air just enough for the two black arrows to whistle by underneath them. “When will this rat let up?” He turned his head, the strong wind whipping his large mouse ears around, and he squeaked when he saw the rook quickly gaining on them. The large bird let out a gleeful caw and lifted up its talons to latch onto Sienna's tail. “Dive! Dive!” Snibble called, and lightly kicked at Sienna's sides with his heels.

Snibble ducks lowThe smaller bird tucked in her wings and shot downward, and Snibble ducked low in his saddle as the rook snatched at empty air. The wind roared over them and Snibble's stomach lurched as he and his mount rocketed toward the Meanderfield below. Looking up, he saw the silhouette of the rook's rat rider leaning over. The rat pulled back on its bowstring, and Snibble called out, “Bank, girl, bank!” Sienna threw out her left wing, and they pulled hard to the right. But the resistance of the wind was too great, and they were thrown in a spin. An arrow shot past them, but a second hit with a firm thunk. Snibble screamed in terror, but cackled triumphantly with relief when he saw the arrowhead had stopped in his saddle. Sienna regained her balance and they suddenly veered hard to the left.

Snibble scanned the edge of the Downwood in desperation. Where was his Oakguard support? Had they found help? But Sienna was moving too fast for him to make out any sign of assistance. He briefly considered flying into the trees and using his knowledge of the woods to his advantage. But at this velocity, they were as likely to splat against a tree as their enemy was, and there was no way he was going to cut his speed. One glance at Sienna told Snibble the dogfight was drawing to a close. The starling had behaved admirably, demonstrating yet again why she was the cream of the flock, but now she was exhausted. Her breathing was labored and her wings were beginning to falter.

When the rook's shadow fell over them, Snibble knew it was time to repay his mount for all the times she had saved his life. “Up girl! Up and to the right,” and Sienna flapped upward. They turned at an angle to avoid the rook, and slowly they gained in height. Snibble patted the starling on the back of her feathered neck. “Love you girl. Yes I do. Now just hold steady for me.” And he let go of the reigns, released the clasp on his safety harness, and slowly turned in his saddle. The rat and rook were rising to meet them from behind. Sienna shook in the air, but Snibble slowly stood. He drew his short sword and bellowed, “Come on you monsters!” The timing would be tricky, but he went to a crouch, waiting for the opportune moment to leap.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Snibble, ready to jump

And then, from out of the Downwood came a volley of arrows screaming through the air. Two struck the rook who shrieked in anger. Another struck the rat's bow, and the weapon went whipping out into the emptiness of the air.

“Ha ha!” yelled Snibble. “For the Downwood!” And now they appeared on the branches of the trees, armed with shortbows and clad in green, hooded cloaks. “Oakguard!” called Snibble in triumph. And then another shadow flashed over them, and from above came the screech of a bird of war. The rat screamed in surprise and frustration, and the rook tried to veer off. But they were too late – the newcomer slammed into them, and there was the mighty Wella, swinging her axe from atop her brave mount Valchirp. The two birds locked onto each other, and plunged toward the earth, a trail of feathers and down spinning behind them in the wind.

The rat snarled and pulled a large dagger from its belt. It tried to slash at Wella, but she deflected it with her axe. The two exchanged a series of blows, though it was a struggle as their birds fell in a dizzying spiral. But Wella saw an opening and slashed not at the rat, but its harness. The leather snapped, and the rat shot away with a terrified scream that trailed off into nothing. With the loss of its mount, the rook released its grip on Valchirp and fled. Wella pulled Valchirp level as the Oakguard in the trees cheered them on.

“Come on, let's go save old Snibble, shall we?” she asked. But when her eyes found Sienna in the sky, the saddle was empty. Snibble was nowhere to be seen.

Written by Mr. Bistro.
Mr. Bistro is a writer and game designer for Plaid Hat Games.

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