Now and Forever
Dimona Odinstar, Phoenixborn of Rayward, part 3

Ashes | 2015-07-17

Dimona: Ashes: Rise of the PhoenixbornShe sat upon her destrier and scowled at the resplendent battle-line that stretched out before her. Dimona wondered if they knew her secrets. Her stomach was a churning ocean of sick. She had never killed another human before, much less waged war against a whole city. She was making everything up as she went. Oh, there had been meticulous planning, but how could one make plans when everything one knew was hypothetical?

But Dimona had crafted schemes nonetheless. She knew her former brothers and sisters would adopt the same fighting styles they had against the chimera, so Dimona sought out the fabled Library of Mariendretta. In those hallowed and haunted halls she researched the wars of the ancients, learned about formations and maneuvers, and studied the notes long-dead generals had made about the uses of terrain. And yet, despite months of preparation, here she sat, scared once again, just as if she was still that little girl hiding under her bed from monsters.

Enough. She had never been one for self-indulgent reflection, and she would be damned if she would start there in the fields outside of Rustwatch. Dimona reared up on her warhorse and turned to address the soldiers who had pledged their lives to fighting for her cause.

“The world already tried to wipe our precious Rayward from its face,” she yelled. “But we refused to be swept aside. Now night falls once again, but this time Rayward shall be the light that shows the way! Shall we sit back as humanity descends into barbarism? Shall we allow our kin to remain squatting within their little cities, shunning the great wide world? No my brothers and sisters! The great reclamation of the world is at hand, and it is Rayward that will unite our kind and usher them into a new age of civilization. They shall see our glorious example and join us, or like Rustwatch, we will lead them by the sword to salvation. And when the world awakens from its slumber, it shall see stalwart Rayward standing tall, not just as one city, but as a multitude, all saying, here are we are! Now and forever!”

“Now and forever!” her army roared back. “Now and forever!”

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