Aradel: Ashes: Rise of the PhoenixbornThey have come for you.

Aradel ignored the voice and kept walking. Her mist-kissed skin shimmered in the sunlight, and all around flitted strangely beautiful insects and the occasional fay.

Even now they hunt you. You have laid a doom upon this land.

When she arrived at her father's grave, she shook her head. She should have known this was her destination all along. And she saw him there by the gravestone, his deep blue eyes pleading with her.

I died for this land. For its people. Would you strip all meaning from my sacrifice?

“I will fight for them!” she said too loudly, her voice breaking the serenity. “Like I always have. Like you taught me.”

If you stay here, the people of the Evermist will die. Each honest man who labors for his family. Every good woman who toils with her hands. All the sweet babes whose dreams have yet to take shape.

"But I cannot leave,” she pleaded. “My heart is here. Would you have me tear it from my breast? Let the others come to me. I shall fight them, and I shall win.”

Fight them? Yes. Win? Perhaps. But you will lose trees to flame, and the mists will be trapped by dust and ash. The digging of graves is the only prize you can hope to win by staying in this place.

The mists glowed blue, and from out of them emerged a spirit. It rolled lazily through the air, cooing in the strange tongue of its kind. Aradel smiled as it floated by her, and she held out a finger for it to touch. The mist spirit turned and looked at her, its eyes sad and knowing.

“If I leave this place,” she whispered to it, “how long will it be before I can return?” And when Aradel heard the spirit coo the answer, she wept.

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