Jessa: Ashes: Rise of the PhoenixbornThe throne was hers now. Jessa giggled as she climbed atop it and settled into its polished seat. She looked off to her right, her eyes focusing on something distant and unseen, and she cackled at some joke that went unheard by the others. Those of the Bloodwoods Clan that were present looked at each other questioningly. But then they looked back at the smoking, squelching corpse, its eight enormous legs twitching in the air. That had been their queen. Maggada had ruled the Bloodwoods Clan for as long as anyone could remember. The outside world would have called her chimera, but to the people of the woods, the spider thing with the three human faces was their queen, their goddess, and their eternal tormentor.

“My king!” shouted Jessa. “Bring me my king!” An eyeless and tongueless woman ran up to the throne and handed the Phoenixborn the straw doll dressed up like royalty. The pitiful creature grunted excitedly before bowing away in a hurry. “King Strawbaby,” Jessa cooed. “Do you see it? All this is ours,” and she gestured wildly at the dark gloom that enveloped them. “These people are ours now. So much flesh. So many plans.”

“Jessa!” shouted a warrior.

“Queen Jessa” she corrected him.

“Perhaps,” he sneered. “Do you think we shall follow you simply because you cast down Maggada?”

“No,” she said softly. “You will follow me out of fear.” And the warrior made a whimpering noise. He looked around in confusion before staggering backward.

“What are you doing witch?” he gasped. Jessa opened her mouth, and from out of it dribbled dark rivulets of blood. The warrior gave a wheezing cry and flailed his arms, his limbs contorting, his skin turning pale and pulling tightly over his bones. The flow of blood that came from Jessa's mouth grew stronger, gushing forth in a crimson vomit. The warrior's exsanguinated corpse hit the ground. The blood trickled to a stop, and Jessa grinned as she wiped her lips with the back of a hand.

“Jessa!” came the cries of her clan. “Queen Jessa!”

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