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Noah: Viros Burns

Noah Redmoon, Phoenixborn of Viros, part 4


“You can take off the mask,” gasped the Lord Mayor as he lay at the base of the stairs leading up to the prytaneum. His right leg was bent at a grotesque angle, and the older man's breathing was heavy and uneven. “Is this what you wanted, Redmoon? Viros burns. This city that held you in esteem. Did you save us from the chimeras solely so you could be the one to light the match?”

His masked adversary chuckled as he came down the stairs, each step slow and deliberate. Wolves howled in the night, and screams echoed from every street and alleyway. The great Clocktower of the Sun burned, casting light over the city like some obscene candle from hell.

Noah Redmoon pulled the mask from his face. “Do you pretend to know what I want, human?” He held his sword over the prostrate mayor, and let the weight of the blade settle into the man's midsection. If the Lord Mayor felt pain, he refused to show it. “I never wanted more than your love. Yet since I was boy, no one wanted anything from me other than the weapon that flows through my veins. Your kind has stripped away everything I am, and now you wag your tongue in anger at discovering only the weapon remains.” Noah pressed down on the sword, and the mayor screamed. The man's hands tried to hold the blade by its sides, but Noah pushed down further.

From down the street, a common woman shrieked in terror, and the gnashing snarls of a wolf rang out in response. The woman screamed, the wolf growled, and soon her voice was cut off in a hideous, wet instant. Noah grinned at this and leaned down to the mayor's face. “Please,” gasped the mayor. His hands were slick with his own blood, and it began to trickle from the corners of his mouth. He mouthed more words, but only a sickly, rattley noise emerged. Noah smiled and pulled the blade from the man's belly.

“You plead to me like the sheep pleads to the lion,” Noah sneered. Growling wolves emerged from the darkness. “Eat,” he said to them. “For I have had my fill.”

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Noah Redmoon

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