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Saria: Graceful, Indomitable

Saria Guideman, Phoenixborn of Lighthouse Bay, part 4

Ashes: Rise of the PhoenixbornThe viola's haunting melody carefully lay beneath the volume of the party's many conversations. Glasses clinked, the occaisonal fork scraped across a plate, and here and there noble ladies threw back their heads and laughed at the jests of their gentleman companions. She strolled through the lavishly funrished manor, guests turn to her with hypnotic fascination as she entered each room.

“Saria, darling,” cooed one moneyed widow. “You must have your cook share their recipe for this devil's punch. The spices are Olympian, are they not?” A handful of other guests stood there in the drawing room, anticipating the response, their eyes glazed and vacant.

“Well done Lady Mennan,” whispered Saria with a smile. “The spices are indeed from Olympus. I'll make sure your man has the recipe before you leave.” There were nods of approval, and one dandy even clapped at Lady Mennan's guess. A servant sidled up behind Saria and whispered in her ear. “How many ships?” she asked him.

“Three,” responded the thin man. Saria walked to the enormous window that looked out over the Bone Sea. She waited as the Guideman light house passed its yellow gaze over the dark waters, and there! Three large ships crept toward the cliffs on which Guideman Manor rested.

Saria raised her hands, and suddenly there were two enormous seaside ravens upon the lighthouse where previously there had been none. She casually waved a hand, and the two birds descended upon the ships.

“Oh gods!” cried a man as panic siezed the room. “Attackers! Call for our carriage at once!” But Saria turned back to her guests and smiled. She exhaled gently and suddenly the room was calm once more. A single line of blood ran from the nose of Lady Mennan, though she gave no sign she noticed.

“Come,” said Saria. “Who wants to join me in the hall for games of chance?” They all professed their excitement at this. And outside, on the dark waves of the sea, men went screaming to their deaths.

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Saria Guideman

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