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Coal: For Rustwatch. For love.

Coal Roarkwin, Phoenixborn of Rustwatch, Part 4

Ashes: Rise of the PhoenixbornCoal laid the boy's body on the cold cobblestones, and, drawing his hand down the child's face, closed his eyes. An explosion shook the streets as a flaming arrow flew through the window of a bakery, its fire igniting the flour particles that hung heavy in the air. Coal stood, his face dour, as all around him weapons clashed, people screamed, and buildings burned.

This is Rustwatch. This was my love's home.

The anger inside him boiled over and he bellowed in rage. As if in response, a Rayward knight appeared, and spotting Coal, spurred his horse forward. Coal gave a cry, spittle flying from his lips, and he drew a cutlass that he threw at his foe. His magic launched the blade forward at a blinding speed, and it slammed into the mounted rider. A gurgling sound came from the knight's helmet as the blade punched through his steel plate, and he flew backward to the ground.

I have killed before. But those were monsters. Those were chimera.

Two more assailants came at him on foot, but Coal spun away and lashed out with two more of his blades. One fell to the ground dead. The other fell screaming, hands futilely clutching at the stump of a leg. Coal granted the soldier mercy and the screaming stopped.

Another dead boy. All of this for the mad desires of one person.

And suddenly she was there. Her armor was immaculately clean and she wore a smirk upon her face. “Hello, Coal.”

“Dimona,” he spat. He raised his arms, and the multitude of blades he wore upon his jerkin whipped free, beginning to spin around him. “All of this pointless death!”

“And yet there is only one death I actually require,” she said. “Yours.”

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Coal's scene

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