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The Beast Inside, The Beast Outside

Agents for a Reclaimed Kingdom Part 2

Welcome to the second preview in our series of previews on the Specter Ops hunters and agents. Our first preview, featuring The Puppet, was posted yesterday. Specter Ops: The Shadow of Babel is currently available for pre-order in the store. Watch a game overview video, check out our second preview below, and then pre-order today!

"A beast does not know that he is a beast, and the nearer a man gets to being a beast, the less he knows it." --George MacDonald

The Beast Miniature

The A.R.K. agents invading Raxxon's base have many tools at their disposal. Misdirecting, stunning and out-maneuvering hunters is easy when you have technology on your side. No matter how many hunters there are, a good A.R.K. agent just needs to slip through their grasp once before they're gone for good and on their way out the exit with three mission objectives in hand. That's why Raxxon's genetic enhancements of their hunters are so important. And some genetic enhancements are more pronounced than others.

The fact that The Beast is no longer just a regular human isn't exactly easy to hide. The Beast's modified skeleton, fur, claws, and, well, beast face, cause the animal in him/her to come out. And although there are those who do not want to unleash the beast, Raxxon is happy to let The Beast run wild after the invading A.R.K. agent.

 The Beast character card

When taking advantage of The Beast's animalistic enhancements, you've got three important Beast modes to choose from. The first is simple: running on all fours and moving five spaces instead of four. When the agent themself can only go up to four spaces most turns, quadrupedal movement helps close the gap when the agent has run past your team. Although The Beast can't attack on turns where quadrupedal movement has been utilized (unless landing directly on the agent), this power is ideal for getting in front of the agent in order to close the net around them.

When The Beast isn't running across the board with abandon, an enhanced olfactory sensibility is utilized instead. When moving three or less spaces, The Beast is able to tell by sense of smell alone whether the agent is nearby. Judging from the Watch it Played playthrough of Specter Ops, you'll be saying, "Can I smell you?" turn after turn, and reaping the rewards.

Finally, when bestial movement and smell doesn't get the job done, there's always good old animalistic ferociousness. When The Beast lands directly on the agent, a wound on top of whatever attacking wound you cause is possible. That means The Beast can potentially take down a typical agent from full health in just two turns!

The Beast is best.

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