Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Jungle Shadows: Ferocity

Last week we focused on the speed of the Jungle Shadows units.  One week wasn't enough, though.  Today we'll see even more of their speed, along with the fiercer attacks they are also capable of.

Stalker, Common of the Jungle Shadows

The JS Stalker, at the cost of 1 MP, can take on attributes of a panther, increasing both her movement and her attack by one.  Stalkers are also sturdy and cheap to summon.

Satara, Champion of the Jungle Shadows

By using the Shadow Elves' shadow manipulation, Satara does something similar to the Chant of Transformation, but at a terrifyingly high level. She can move 4 spaces every turn with no magic cost.  She can move through other units. And she has a 2/3 chance of wounding every unit she moves through.  With 4 moves, she potentially can wound 3 units, or 1 unit once and another one twice. 

(Note that although Shadow Barrage works exactly like an attack, it does not count as an attack.  Also note that friendly units are not exempt from Shadow Barrage.)

Out of Shadows, a Jungle Shadows Event

There's more: Melundak can boost the attack of all of his units.  Through Out of Shadows, they can start away from any enemy units, and rush in to attack with greater strength due to the surprise.  The SE Summoner Selundar uses it on himself to even greater effect (+2), but +1 on multiple units is probably scarier.

Shadow Snare, a Jungle Shadows Event

Finally -- for today, at least -- Melundak can make all his units harry their opponents to the point that they cannot move if adjacent to them.  They will have to stay in place and wait for everything that Melundak can unleash on them the next turn -- including powers of Shadow that we will see next week.

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