Plaid Hat Games fans worldwide have let us know they would love to pre-order Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game, but the shipping cost to some countries is unmanageable. Plaid Hat Games seeks to do everything possible to make our games available to our fans affordably. Although we cannot acommodate every country and product, we have taken steps to make Dead of Winter EXTREMELY affordable to ship to the European Union, if you pre-order the game from

Customers in Great Britain can now pre-order Dead of Winter for just $10 shipping per game. Otherwise, members of the EU can get the game for just $15 shipping. Combine that with the $20 discount sale for the pre-order and... wow! If you live in the EU and have already ordered the game, don't worry we'll be contacting you and refunding the difference in the shipping you paid.

Click here to pre-order Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game from today.

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(Please note this ONLY applies to orders with JUST Dead of Winter. Other products cannot be combined and added in for the flat-rate discount.)