Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

PHG Events in Early May

Don't miss out on these opportunities!

Things are already ramping up on the PHG Event system. Local stores, regular users, and even Colby himself have been busy creating events. We're even on multiple continents. In fact, there are four events you can attend just in the next week or so! See the events page for the full listing of upcoming events.

May 4: Summoner Wars open play
@ The War Store, Inc. (Western NY)

May 4: Dice & Decks Food Drive at Cartel
@ 2516 N. Campbell Ave. Tucson, AZ 85719

May 5: Summoner Wars Tournament
@ The War Store, Inc. (Western NY)

May 11: Summoner Wars Demo Day
@ Play the Game Read the Story (Syracuse)

Be sure to check out these events if you're in the area. Thanks to all the event organizers for helping us get our event system rolling. Hopefully this is just the beginning! Be sure to let your local game store know about the PHG Retailer directory (they'll get free demo cards!) and consider running an event yourself.